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Tallåsen year 101-104 - Overpaid

Previously at Tallåsen, Martin raised the minimall to level 8. Jack was born and grew up to toddler. Sofie and Melissa reached the top of their careers. Måns worked out and MElissa got pregnant again.

Tallåsen year 101-104 – Wednesday to Saturday
Sofie Montell, 68, Fortune/Family, 4th LTW Marry off 6 kids
Martin Montell, 66, Fortune/Grilled Cheese, LTW 5 Top-level businesses
Melissa Ljunggren, 35, Popularity/Fortune, 3rd LTW 20 best friends
Måns Ljunggren, 37, Popularity, LTW Hall of Famer
Jack Ljunggren, 4
Random and Irratic, cats

The highly pregnant Melissa teaches her son Jack to walk

Then it’s babytime. For some reason Melissa doesn’t keep her blue hair when in maternity wear., which the Random cat noticed

It’s a girl with red hair and brown eyes, like Morfar Martin. She is born on the 28th of November 102, at 14.58 h. She gets Common name no 93 – Pernilla

Martin goes to check on his micromall, and it reaches level 8. Again, it has been down to 7 and back

His employees are developing and it is a round where many salaries need to be raised

When the level reaches ”underpaid” we usually raise it to ”overpaid,” so that the employees will be happy for a while

Back home it’s Jack’s birthday

He grows up to look very much like his father Måns

Måns is the shiest popularity sim ever, so it’s worth documenting when he’s actually interacting with someone. This particular someone is Oscar Törnblad, who never looked more gay J

Then it’s birtday time again. Martin helps Pernilla to blow out her candles.

Pernilla turns out to be an extremely neat and active Virgo, and she will probably look a lot like her mother, except from the colours

Måns struggles with his Popularity IW, and can add another BF, Vera Johansson, to his list

Saturday’s outing goes to Martin’s micromall, but nothing really happens all day, so everybody heads home

Jack has found his love of the piano, and he’s actually a decent player by now.

Decent enough to even get a membership card to the Music hobby lot.

Inhabitants at Tallåsen after round 27:
Martin Montell
Sofie Montell
Melissa Ljunggren
Måns Ljunggren
Jack Ljunggren
Pernilla Ljunggren
Random and Irratic, cats
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