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Ovanåker year 101-104 - Fade to Black

Previously at Ovanåker, Olle found a job in Dance. Elisabeth and Kevin finally found some time to learn skills needed for their respective careers. Emmy found out she was pregnant and Birgitta was born. Roland and Theodor grew up to Romance teens and Jacob and Charlie left for Uni.

Ovanåker year 101, 102-104, Wednesday, Thursday-Saturday
Elisabeth Burlin, 62, Family, LTW Education Minister
Kevin Burlin, 62, Popularity/Romance, LTW Mayor
Olle Burlin, 28, Fortune, LTW Worldclass Ballet Dancer
Emmy Burlin, 28, Pleasure, LTW 50 first dates
Linnea Burlin, 18, Family, LTW 6 grandchildren
Theodor Burlin, 14, Romance, LTW Hall of Famer
Roland Burlin, 14, Romance, LTW Woohoo 20 sims
Birgitta Burlin, 2
Sara, the cat

We start off with Kevin filling his aspiration panel – 3p!

And continue with Emmy, rolling a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese.

She has wished for a job in Crime for a while and accepts one as a Con Artist

Immediately she rolls a wish to stay home from work. Just wanted to have a job to skip I guess.

The elderly cat Sara doesn’t like baby Birgitta

She will not be a baby for long, though, because it’s her birthday!

This is how she’s supposed to look. She’s an extremely active Pisces.
Supposed to look, because then we had a game crash

And Birgitta is a baby again, with all the abilities of a toddler.

Linnea collects her four scolarships forgrades, body, creativity and dance and heads off to Uni.

Year 102-104

The SimGodess is worried about the baby condition that affects Birgitta, who should be a toddler.

She seems to be a normal toddler, though, but slow in learning. And she’s losing her colour and turning black. The game behaves normally though. The only thing is that the “learn to walk” animation doesn’t work, since we get a message that “someone couldn’t find bones in other character”

Other worries are Theodor’s grades. But since he’s a teen it doesn’t matter so much. In worst case there will be no uni for him

We have a lot of promotions with the adults, though, and just wait for the game to crash due to Birgitta’s condition

Both Kevin and Elisabeth need max Logic for their jobs and eventually they get there, despite them cheating all the time.

Kevin teaches the fading Birgitta to talk. She’s like a ghost – it’s scary!

She’s totally fading to black!

To distract ourselves we send the teens shopping for phones

Roland even meets a nice girl named Therese

She’s a very social girl, greeting everybody in the store. Roland has two bolts with her and Theodor one. Therefor Roland gets the honour of dating her.

They hang out like teenagers do and take some crazy photos, but nothing more happens.

Back home, the nightmare continues – Sara, the cat meets her maker

And the ghastly baby has her birthday

Close your eyes and wish…

 Wish, wish, wish!!!

YES!! Birgitta grows up to be a completely normal, brown-haired and blue-eyed little girl, and the SimGodess has never been so happy to see such an average face!


Inhabitants at Ovanåker after round 27:
Elisabeth Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Olle Burlin
Emmy Burlin
Theodor Burlin
Roland Burlin
Birgitta Burlin

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