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Öljung year 101-104 - Reunited Brothers

Previously at Öljung, Simon asked Maud Torell to marry him. She said yes and family Sunday became a wedding party. Cecilia's mother Annika, Simon's ex, kissed his teenage brother at the reception. Cecilia herself started to work in the Athletics career and earned a plaques in Arts&Crafts. Maud restarted the garden.

Öljung year 101-104, Wednesday to Saturday
Simon Bardh, 58, Knowledge/Popularity, 3rd LTW Prestidigitator
Maud Bardh, 41, Family, LTW Golden Anniversary
Cecilia Lind, 28, Fortune, LTW Hall of Famer

We start with Fortune single Cecilia Lind, rolling a secondary aspiration of Family. Now she might start to wish for a relationship.

But first, some painting. Cecilia has maxed her Arts&Crafts hobby enthusiasm

She sells a couple of master pieces, that way coming closer to the Fortune IW to earn 100.000§

Maud, the Family sim, wishes for a baby but have had no luck. She gets promoted to Sous Chef, though.

Cecilia becomes Assistant Coach

The only thing that is interesting during these days is that Simon finally gets reunited with his brother Noel, who has laid down all girls Simon was ever interested in.

Inhabitants at Öljung after round 27:
Simon Bardh
Maud Bardh
Cecilia Lind

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