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Sörbo year 101-104 - Extremely Neat Virgos

Previously at Sörbo, Ingeborg died at age 75. Kent grew up to toddler and then child. Aron reached his LTW of becoming a General and started to look for a job in Medicine and got hit by lightning. Feline the kitten was adopted. Hanna was born and grew up to toddler and Annika got pregnant immediately again and had cheesecake to have twins.

Sörbo year 101-104, Friday to Monday
Aron Wern, 39, Fortune/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW Chief of Staff
Annika Wern, 39, Family/Knowledge, Marry off 6 children
Erik Wern, 11
Nathalie Wern, 11
Kent Wern, 5
Hanna Wern, 2
Feline, the kitten

Aron spent a good part of last update trying to find a jon in his next LTW career of Medicine, but had no luck. This time it doesn’t start any better.

But after a couple of days he actually finds a job as a Specialist – high rank immediately!

Then he teaches Hanna to walk.

It’s Erik and Nathalie’s birthday!

Erik rolls Romance with an LTW of becoming a Celebrity Chef, while Nathalie rolls family with an LTW to become Captain Hero. Nice and easy career related LTWs!

Right after the twins birthday it’s time for our expected twins.

But NO – it’s only one baby! It’s a boy who is born on the 1st of November 102 at 7.31 am.
He gets Popular name no 20 – Nils. He shares his birthday with his father, who was also born on November 1st, 40 years ago.

The somewhat aging parents are happy for their son, but the worst thing for the SimGodess at least is that we need to do it one more time, since Annika needs six children to be able to fulfill her LTW.

Little big sister Hanna finds that her true hobby is Science

And the little red kitten Feline grows up to a grownup grey cat.

Saturday Erik and Nathalie are sent downtown to buy phones and feed themselves for free.

Plan is also to let them connect a bit, but it doesn’t work very well.

Both teens have started to wish for dates, and to know who to hook them up with, we check with ACR and see that they are both slightly straight.

While her mother is busy teaching her brothers to study, Hanna puts herself to bed in the cat house.

Time for family Sunday!
Annika is of the Montell clan, that is originally the Johansson family, which was one of the founding families. She’s got one sister, Märta, and two brothers, Oliver and Pontus. Pontus is married to Lovisa Mattsson and they lost their baby last round, so Annika’s children have no cousins on their mother’s side.

Aron originates from the founding Berg family. He’s got one brother and two sisters. Gerd is married into the founding Lind family and have two children in college, Adam has daughter Lisa with his ex wife and is now married to Siri Törnblad and Louise is married to My Montell and have three small children

Now – interact!

Annika’s brother Pontus has a great time with Aron’s niece Eva

Nathalie becomes best friends with her aunt Märta and talks to a walk-by townie

Erik plays basketball with uncle Adam and gets fit in the process

And while the relatives are here, let’s have a birthday party!

Hanna is a typically brownhaired and blue-eyed girl, the kind we have way too many of.

Then it’s Nils’ turn, but he needs two cakes to grow up.

He turns out to be an extremely neat, very active, nice and shy Virgo. All sims in this family are Virgos except Hanna who is a Scorpio

Another extremely neat Virgo is the late Ingeborg. She’s a cleaning ghost, which is great!

But right now she has decided to make life hard for her decendants. Even little Nils can feel her presence.

And with that, and the fact that Aron is promoted to Surgeon, we leave Sörbo for this round.

Inhabitants at Sörbo after round 27:
Aron Wern
Annika Wern
Erik Wern
Nathalie Wern
Kent Wern
Hanna Wern
Nils Wern
Feline, the cat

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