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Svedja year 101-104 - Full Aspiration

Previously at Svedja, Siri and Adam got married. Love started working in the Business career and wrote anothe novel about PI Joe. Family Sunday was a disaster with torn up nephews and nieces and a lot of fighting.

Svedja year 101-104,Wednesday to Saturday
Allan Törnblad, 70, Knowledge/Family, 3rd LTW 6 grandchildren
Anna Törnblad, 70, Family, LTW 6 grandchildren
Oscar Törnblad, 39, Popularity/Knowledge, LTW Hall of Famer
Love Carlsson, 39, Fortune/Romance, 2nd LTW Business Tycoon
Siri Törnblad, 30, Family, LTW Golden Anniversay
Adam Wern, 40, Pleasure/Family, LTW Game Designer
Epsilon, the dog

Anna and her daughter Siri plays chess, since they both need Logic points for their jobs. Siri maxes her Logic skill

Anna maxes her gaming enthusiasm and receives a plaque for it just as she heads off to work

Both Family sims acquire a secondary aspiration of Popularity in the process.

Love gets promoted to CEO, but it’s Anna who is happiest to be home

Siri reaches the top of the Gaming career and gains 1p, since it was not her LTW.

She immediately quits, to be able to concentrate on her baby wish.

Then Love has enough aspiration  points to max out his  panel – 3p!

Love helps Adam and Anna to max out their Logic skill

Adam helps Siri to get pregnant

Oscar gets promoted to Hall of Famer, which was his LTW. 2p! He now wants to be a Game designer

That makes him very happy, so he fills his aspiration panel. 3p!


It’s a girl who looks like a clone of her father. She is born on the 21st of December 104, and gets Common name no 96 – Irene

Her father and brother-in-law are very happy.

She’s even happier herself and fills her aspiration panel. 3p!

Irene’s father Adam comes home promoted to Game designer, which was his LTW. 2p! Now he wants to become the Educaton Minister.

And that makes him very happy so he maxes his aspiration panel. 3p!

Inhabitants at Svedja after round 27:
Allan Törnblad
Anna Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Love Carlsson
Adam Wern
Siri Wern
Irene Wern
Epsilon, the dog

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