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Gondolkanalen 74 year 101-104 - Bring your Baby to Work

Previously at Gondolkanalen, Helena dated Jesper, who eventually left Uni and moved in. Malcolm and Malva struggled in the Criminal career. Helena got pregnant, but there was no wedding.

Gondolkanalen 74 year 101-104 Wednesday to Saturday
Malcolm Markövertag, 62, Fortune/Romance, LTW Criminal Mastermind
Malva Markövertag, 58, Fortune/Pleasure, LTW Criminal Mastermind
Helena Markövertag, 27, Pleasure, LTW Game Designer
Jesper Burlin, 25, Pleasure, LTW Celebrity Chef

Malva works out with such efficiency that she gets really fit. And smelly.

Helena is very pregnant and eats constantly. The baby is due any time now

The baby’s father Jesper works on his creativity skill


We start to recognize our game when we get another blue eyed brownhaired girl. She gets Popular name no 19, Isabelle, and her birthday is the 15th of November 101. 1p!

Jesper is very happy to have become a father

So happy in fact that he brings her with him to work.

Helena gets promoted to Captain and brings home a friend named Isabelle!

Then she’s a naughty Pleasure sim and asks Alexander Johansson on a date.

Slow dancing in the hallway

And more…

Meanwhile, Malcolm, who actually lives here still, maxes his Creativity skill

And when Jesper comes home, Helena is all attentive to him.

Then it’s Isabelle’s birthday. Jesper helps her with the cake.

She looks a lot like Helena, but her features are luckily not so strong. She turns out to be an extremely outgoing and active, very grouchy Gemini.

Malva comes home after the party, promoted to cat Burglar. She’s a bit old for that…

But it makes her very happy, and she fills her aspiration panel. 3p!

Inhabitants at Gondolkanalen after round 27:
Malva Markövertag
Malcolm Markövertag
Helena Markövertag
Jesper Burlin
Isabelle Markövertag

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