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Norrbo year 101-104 - Household Increase

Previously at Norrbo, Frida was dating, then leaving for Uni. Åsa got fired, grew up to elder and made Grilled Cheese for everybody.

Åsa Benett, 55, Grilled Cheese/Knowledge, LTW Eat 200 GC


Åsa maxes her Culinary enthusiasm while waiting for daylight

She invites Gunnar on a date to have the possibility to make him some Grilled Cheese

Gunnar wants to get married to Åsa

And why not. The wedding will have to wait though, until their daughter Frida comes home from Uni.

Here she is!

Frida was orn out of wedlock, and so was Åsa, her mother. Eventually her grandmother Maja married Leif Hartwig, and therefor Gustav and Elisabet are Frida's uncle and aunt.
Stina is Åsa's half-sister by her father and Max is her adopted brother, but is actually her cousin, since his biological mother was Livia Johansson, Daniel's sister.
I'll stop now, not to break your brain cells too badly :)

Frida is surprised, but happy, to find that her father finally moved in to stay. She is also eager to start working and can accept jobs as Slacker, Show Business, Dance or Music.

The first one she finds is as a Battle of the Bands Judge, and she accepts.

Then – wedding!

The happy couple become Mr and Mrs Flyckt on december 30th 102.

The guests are all very happy

And Åsa is very happy to do the catering herself

Frida is happy that one of all her lovers, Joel the llama mascot, is there

But Gunnar is not happy that Aron is there. No idea what happened between them

Frida goes to work and comes home promoted to Roadie

A couple of fast upgrades from crushes to loves before Jacob arrives from Uni. It will be more difficult by then…

New constellation on this family again!

Please welcome Jacob Burlin, Popularity, who wishes for a lot of jobs, but his LTW career is Journalism. He has caught a cold and a flu, and we see evidence that Frida just started using birth control.

There are no journalist jobs available, but Jacob accepts a seat as a City Council member for now.

Then he uses the incredibly convenient Popularity feature to call more than one sim at a time, to keep up with them

Despite the fact that Jacob moved in, Frida continues her quest for 20 loves.

She invites the ones that are crushes and uses the interaction ”Talk – Persuade” on them

It’s very efficient. On a side note - this is Leif Hartwig, the father of Frida's aunt and uncle...

Steve is a bit of a trouble. HE falls easily enough in love with her, but SHE doesn’t fall in love with him

It takes a couple of hours and some man handling, but then we’re there.


Then she pretends everything is normal (which it is for her) and talks to Jacob about Uni performance.

Inhabitants at Norrbo after round 27:
Åsa (Benett) Flyckt
Gunnar Flyckt
Frida Benett
Jacob Burlin

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