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Annefors year 101-104 - School Children

Previously at Annefors, Eva grew up to toddler and then child. Family Sunday was chaotic. Harry and Bertil were born and grew up to toddlers. My reached the top of the Music career.

Annefors year 101-104, Wednesday to Saturday
My Montell, 48, Romance/Popularity, 2nd LTW General
Louise Wern, 44, Popularity/Family, 2nd LTW Celebrity Chef
Eva Wern, 5
Bertil Wern, 2
Harry Wern, 2

Upon opening the lot we find that My has maxed her aspiration panel. 3p!

She’s got no luck in finding her new dream job in the military, though

Louise finds her next career as an Executive Chef

Eva finds that her true hobby is Games. The computer is put to good use today!

Harry finds that his true hobby is Science

Then My teaches him to walk while Eva tries to become friends with one of her many cousins

My teaches Eva to study

Eva and Bertil plays together while waiting for their mothers to come home so that we can have a birthday party. Family only, because both Louise and My works late.

When Louise does eventually get home, she’s promoted to Restauranteur

Happy birthday Bertil!

Happy birthday Harry!

On Saturday, the whole family visits the Gaming lot

Eva loves all the games there

But her brothers prefer to stay outside

Back home My teaches Bertil to study with the help of Eva’s homework. After he’s finished, there’e not enough homework left for Harry to learn, so he’ll have to wait until Monday.

Inhabitants at Annefors after round 27:
My Wern
Louise Wern
Eva Wern
Bertil Wern
Harry Wern

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