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Järvsö year 101-104 - Choosing Path

Previously at Järvsö, Märta made best friends and hosted parties, including Family Sunday. She started working in the Miltary career

Järvsö year 101-104, Wednesday to Saturday
Märta Sandvall, Popularity/Pleasure, 48, 2nd LTW General

Märta is a true Popularity/Pleasure sim who has always been content to be single and just have an occasional fling.

She works in the military career and today she’s promoted to Astronaut and brings a friend home.

Just in time for the party! What party? Any party!

Märta is quite playful, and often wants to pull pranks on people

And she spends hours on the phone with all her friends – nowadays 30 best friends!! 3p, if we didn’t claim that already for IW

Her pleasure side wants its part of the action too, and Märta thinks, why not bed Aron while he’s here, two bolts and all?
Aron talks and talks about all the fights he’s been in

But all of a sudden they both get cold feet. Might be just as well, since he’s married to her sister Annika!

It’s a great party, but that night Märta cannot bear sleeping in the bed where she almost ruined her relationship with her sister. There and then she decides married men are off-limits!

The next day after work, she invites her highest match Börje Tidholm on a date. He’s single for sure, being a pure townie

They have a very nice afternoon, but they decide to take it slowly

After Börje leaves, she invites her former lover Allan to blow off some steam

But it seems the one she really wants is actually Börje.

Back at work Märta earns a 50.000§ bonus for exploring the ocean instead of space

It also pushes her to the top of the Military career. 1p! Now she wants 50 dream dates

She celebrates with Börje

When the update draws to an end, Märta still have both Allan and Börje in her life

But she’s very happy still with living alone

And we end with a full aspiration panel. 3p!

Inhabitants at Järvsö after round 27:
Märta Sandvall

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