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CB Bachelor Pad year 101-104 - Woohoo Pursuit

Previously at CB Bachelor Pad, Cristopher Bardh died at the age of 83. Annika flirted with his sons and grew up to elder. There was a beautiful funeral with a lovely dinner reception.

Bardh’s Bachelor Pad year 101-104, Thursday to Sunday
Annika Lind, 57, Romance/Knowledge, 2nd LTW Celebrity Chef

While unplayable, Annika has filled her aspiration panel. 3p!

To fulfill her second LTW, she needs a job in Culinary but cannot find one

So she skills up a bit and realizes she's got 3 bolts with her nextdoor neighbour Sixten Mossberg. Annika works to get to 10 different woohoos, so why not?

He’s easy enough to convince to lie down

But then, he talks and talks for hours, and then he leaves.

So instead, Annika starts working on her highest match, Christoffer Montell, son of Sebastian Montell who’s on second place.

She also tries to become real friends with Maud, her ex-husband’s new wife.

There’s something wrong with Kerstin Tidholm and this apartment complex. Even though Kerstin lives across town, she’s stuck here, freeloading in the at the moment playable apartment, and falls asleep on the floors.

Annika has learned to live with that and mostly ignores her.

Time for a date with Christoffer!


Annika decides to give Sixten a new chance. She goes over to his place this time.

They do fall in love, with Sixten’s young son present. Wonder if that will affect him in any way?

But also this time, Sixten won’t cross that certain line…

Look! The freeloader is making herself useful!

But usually she’s just taking advantage of Annika’s hospitality.

To speed upp the woohoo progress, Annika decides to shift teams

Louise Wern is willing, but Annika has no bolts for her.

Well, some sacrifices must be made in this world.

And even if she didn’t reach her goal yet, she’s well kissed!

And here’s Sebastian, next in line

And just when Annika leads him off to bed, Sebastian realizes that he wants to get married to Rut, his longtime girlfriend

But first, some woohoo with Annika

Annika comes from one of the smallest families in Mattsmyra, the Lind branch. She’s got one brother, David, and one daughter, Cecilia.

Since they are so few, Annika decides to invite her exhusband Simon, Cecilia’s father, and his new wife Maud. David of course brings his wife Gerd, the puppy raiser

They have a nice lunch together

And Annika manages to get friends with Maud, as she has wished for

Inhabitants at CB Pad after round 27:

Annika Lind

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