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FB Bachelor Pad year 101-104 - Job Focus

Previously at FB Bachelor Pad, we had a Burlin family Sunday. The brothers became best friends.

FB Bachelor Pad year 101-104, Wednesday to Saturday
Filip Burlin, 32, Pleasure, LTW Game designer
Ludvig Burlin, 29, Fortune, LTW 5 sucessful businesses
Dino, the cat

We start out this lot with Filip, working on his logic skill. Hour after hour.

Ludvig works on his body skill

Then they are trying to play chess together, but they both cheat all the time, so it doesn’t work out.

Filip decides to play with their neighbour Sara instead

While  Ludvig spends some time with his boyfriend Nero.

Filip continues to challenge the neighbours to a chess game

And eventually he maxes his Logic skill.

Ludvig gets demoted to pickpocket due to the fact that he used a crossbow in the city.

Since he wishes for Dino to get promoted, he teaches the cat to roll over.

Filip gets promoted to Game Designer which was his LTW. 2p! Now he wants to become a Celebrity Chef

No culinary jobs available

And as a last note, we give you Filip and Ludvig’s sister Natalie, stretching the boundaries of hospitality. Why don’t you use your own apartment in the same building?!

Inhabitants at FB Pad after round 27:
Filip Burlin
Ludvig Burlin
Dino, the cat

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