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Storfallet year 101-101 - Losing generation 5

Previously, Saga moved from her tiny, tiny apartment to Storfallet. Alexander finished Uni and moved in with her. The young couple got married and pregnant and we are now expecting generation 5!

Storfallet year 101-104 Wednesday-Saturday
Saga Rodiek, 29, Fortune
Alexander Johansson, 25, Pleasure

The Johansson’s study and take it easy while waiting for the arrival of generation 5 (!)

But suddenly after a nap, Saga starts to feel unwell

She gets cramps and is afraid she will give birth too early

But unfortunately she completely loses the baby instead! It’s terrrible news indeed! It has been years since we lost a baby!

Good news is that Alexander is promoted to Restauranteur

And he works in the greenhouse until he gets a bronze badge in gardening.

Early morning Saga heads off to work despite not feeling ok, just to take her mind off things. It turned out to be a bad decision and she loses her job too, due to poor performance. You could think the employer could give her some slack in her situation, but no. –1p…

And the very same day, Alexander too gets fired, but in his case it’s due to a bad chance card, so no minus points.

With all that happened, none of them are in a hurry to start new jobs, but instead they decide to concentrate on friends and family. They have some small savings, so some time off they can afford.

They decide to invite their loved ones to celebrate life, and Caroline, Alexander’s mother is happy for that.

And here we have the contestants for who will conceive the first surviving generation 5. Cecilia is Alexander’s cousin, but is very single, so it will probably not be her. Then we have Alexander, who is married, and Alexander’s little sister Maja who just started Uni, so probably it will be Alexander, but that will not happen until next round!

Inhabitants at Storfallet after round 27:
Saga Johansson
Alexander Johansson

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