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Bäckby year 101-104 - Career Woman

Previously at Bäckby, Rut worked at the office and with her sewing projects and Sebastian invited people over. We had a humongous family Sunday.

Bäckby year 101-104, Tuesday to Friday
Sebastian Montell, 62, Romance/Pleasure, 2nd LTW Woohoo 20 sims
Rut Mattsson, 41, Fortune, 2nd LTW Business Tycoon

We start this update with Sebastian, filling his aspiration panel. 3p!

And our career woman Rut being demoted due to a bad chance card

She’s really upset by that!

Luckily she’s got her sewing projects to work on. Right now she’s sewing curtains for the living room

She sews all night and even earns an arts&crafts plaque in the process. 1p!

And over the next few days she’s bouncing back, reaching the level of President!

That makes her very happy and she can claim a secondary aspiration of Knowledge

In the evenings she relaxes with new sewing projects, and one night she gets a gold badge in sewing!

Sebastian has lead his life in the shadows this time, but when he has a day off he at least invites his brother Martin with family for lunch.  And that’s all!

Inhabitants at Bäckby after round 27:
Sebastian Montell
Rut Mattsson

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