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NB Apartment year 101-104 - Happy Single

Previously, Natalie finished her studies in Mathematics with honours and moved to an apartment in Bluewater. She invited her college lover to move in as a room mate, but they don't have an official relationship. She started a career in Law, despite that her LTW is to become a City Planner

Natalie Burlin’s apartment year 101-104, Tuesday-Friday
Natalie Burlin, 26, Fortune, LTW City Planner

Natalie is a happy Fortune single, working in the Legal career. She's rapidly promoted to Paralegal

Officially she's single, but she's got her room mate Steve for entertainment

She sometimes meets her brothers Filip and Ludvig, who live across the courtyard. Sometimes she can even convince them to clean for her.

It's a bit of a roller coaster career in the Legal path, so Natalie gets demoted due to a bad chance card

Not lingering ion her loss, she takes advantage of Steve. He doesn't mind even if he's a bit surprised by the obvious grabbing

The next day another case gets NAtalie promoted back to Paralegal

And as usual, she celebrates with Steve

Inhabitants at NB_Apartment after round 27:
Natalie Burlin
Steve Vestlund, room mate

Tags: nb_pad

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