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Mattsgården year 105-108 - Friends and Enemies

Previously at Mattsgården, Kent was born and we could be sure that Vidar is his father. Agnes read to him when she didn't write her own books. Georg spent time at the ballet bar and the piano. Jenny made a lot of BFs. Vidar worked in Architecture and was promoted.

Georg Mattsson, 63, Knowledge/Romance, 3rd LTW Game Designer
Agnes Mattsson, 61, Romance/Fortune, 2nd LTW Woohoo 20 different sims
Jenny Mattsson, 33, Popularity/Grilled Cheese, LTW General
Vidar Rodiek, 33, Fortune, LTW Hall of Famer
Kent Mattsson, 3
Fi, the dog

This update starts with family Sunday. Georg is a direct descendant of Dan Mattsson of Mattsgården and Kent is the fifth generation living here. Although he’s not considered more than fourth generation according to the Prosperity rules, since his great-grandfather Loke was a CAS toddler.

Agnes comes from the Berg clan and Vidar from the Myhr family. And yes, both grandmothers of Kent are named Agnes.

Could have been worse.

Jenny and Kent become best friends
Off camera Vidar goes to the phone to initiate the planned wedding party, but there is no such option available.

And we remember that there needs to be an engagement before there can be a wedding J

Vidar is eager to get going, but Jenny seems not to be in an immediate hurry.

 The guests are gathering in their Sunday bests, with Vidar’s father Kevin (with marry off 6 kids LTW) on the left most impatient.

Finally Jenny makes it to the wedding arc

And on the 12th of November 105, Vidar and Jenny are married, with all their friends and relatives attending. Nearly. Didn’t dare to invite all the cousins with families, it would have crashed the computer…

The guests are lining up to congratulate the couple, with Vidar’s parents first in line

Problem is that Vidar’s best friend  is Jenny’s worst enemy…

She really shows him who’s in charge

And now they are really enemies! Guess Vidar has to meet Pontus Sandvall outside of the house if he wants to maintain their friendship!

Jenny tries to get to know her new sister-in-law Matilda through telling her about the fight. Matilda was here to see it, but anyway…

And as a finale to the great wedding party (despite the fighting) we have the cake, which Jenny shovels down Vidar’s throat.

All the happy events (despite the fighting) Jenny is able to fill her aspiration panel. 3p!

Then back to everyday life of toddler training. “Say mama!” “Mama!”

Georg is permaplat and usually ignored, but sometimes he’s forces to fix the tub and wash the dog.

The wedding made Georg’s brother Hugo and sister Elisabeth realize how much they and Georg have drifted apart while they have been busy with raising children. They both come by uninvited and Georg spends some time with them.

Agnes would have wished that Elisabeth stayed away though. Have no idea what has taken place between them. Might be that Agnes flirted with Elisabeth’s husband Kevin at some point? She flirts with everyone!
Agnes doesn’t like Hugo much either. Her relation with him is -17.

The only one who cares about Kent’s birthday is Morfar Georg

He grows up well, but immediately gets to change his clothes and his looks

The winter comes and the family all huddle up inside, spending time with their hobbies

Agnes starts a new childrens’ book on weather.

Winter goes on and Georg even maxes his enthusiasm in Music&Dance. Again, so no point.

On his first day of school , Kent brings Bertil Wern with him home. They are not even related.

Elisabeth still comes by every day, but no one invites her in anymore. Too exhaustive to keep her away from Agnes.

Georg’s cousin Sofia comes by a lot too. Kent greets her

Then they have a snowball fight and she loves it since she's a Pleasure sim.

Jenny maxes her enthusiasm in Music&Dance and earns a plaque. 1p!

Agnes finishes her book about El Niño and it is an instant success as usual.

In the morning before school, Kent finds his homework buried in the snow and asks Vidar to help him with them

And as a last note we see that Jenny is promoted to astronaut. See you next week!

Inhabitants at Mattsgården after round 28:
Georg Mattsson
Agnes Mattsson
Jenny (Mattsson) Rodiek
Vidar Rodiek
Kent Mattsson
Fi, the dog

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