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Myren year 105-108 - Work and School

Previously at Myren, the update was divided into several chapters. Britta got a secondary aspiration of Fortune and died during a date with Noel Bardh. He didn't like the date. Ulrika filled her aspiration panel, started a Medical career and had an occatiional date. Alva came back from Uni and started a Culinary career. Finally Alva's boyfriend Charlie Burlin moved in after Uni and Lisa grew up to a Fortune teen.

Ulrika Myhr, 39, Knowledge/Popularity, LTW Space Pirate
Alva Myhr, 25, Popularity, LTW Mayor
Charlie Burlin, 23, Popularity, LTW Media Magnate
Lisa Myhr, 12, Fortune, LTW unknown

When checking inventories we find that Ulrika bought two community lots when unplayable. Remains to be seen if anything is done with them later.

Since last time, Lisa has decided on her LTW. She wants to become a Hall of Famer.

Also since last time, Lisa’s father Adam had another daughter with his new wife Siri, so Lisa now has a little sister named Irene.

Ulrika and Alva (and Lisa) originates from the original Myhr family, all of which its members live in this house. The smallest family in Mattsmyra

As a contrast Charlie comes from one of the biggest families – the Burlins with origin in the Mattsson clan. He’s got three sisters, seven brothers and two nieces ( so far)

Enough with the preamble – let’s start Family Sunday!

Since it’s the first time Charlie’s family is invited to this house, there’s a lot of new people for Lisa to meet. Charlie’s youngest brothers Roland and Theodor are in an appropriate age for her to hang out with and they have a great time playing darts.

Alva works Sundays. According to a bad change card she was supposedly fired, but when she arrives home she’s demoted to Dishwasher instead.

The family really doesn’t need any more money, but since Charlis’ LTW is to become a Media Magnate he’s still looking for a job. It’s hard to find one though.

By some forgotten reason, Ulrika has two phones in her inventory. Since Lisa has a wish to buy a phone, Ulrika gives her one. It doesn’t fulfil the buy wish but it satisfies the need, so the wish is unlocked to make room for something else.

Turns out that the next wish is to earn some money, so Lisa applies for a job as a Water Dealer in the Athletics career.

Charlie is a Popularity sim and is happy to meet Lisa’s father Adam for the first time.

He is also happy to talk to his twin brother Jacob. For the first time ever they are living in separate places.

Ulrika is on her way to fulfilling the Knowledge IW when she maxes her Cleaning skill

Alva comes home promoted to drive-through clerk, but decides she’s done with the restaurant business and accepts a job as a Judge instead. Her LTW is to become the Mayor of Mattsmyra after all.

Then Alva takes care of the headmaster who Lisa invited. Lisa herself is at work.

Ulrika comes home promoted to Specialist

The headmaster likes the tour but then gets stuck in the corner of the bathroom. To move him doesn’t help so eventually he gets deleted. No private school for Lisa today. On the other hand the scenario was not registered as failed either, so she didn’t get a bad memory.

Good news – Charlie finds a job in the journalist career.

Britta makes sure her daughter remembers her

Charlie influences the repairman to clean just because it’s fun

Ulrika gets another promotion, to Surgeon.

After the unsuccessful headmaster scenario, Lisa tries again. This time Charlie takes care of the headmaster, apparently from a different school.

This time the tour works fine and we even get a bonus for coffee drinking

And 45 p for the salmon dinner. Pork chops usually scores more than 50 so that is a safer bet.
Nevertheless, Lisa is accepted with margin.


As an end note we give you another set of promotions. Ulrika becomes a medical researcher and Lisa becomes a Mascot in the Athletics career. Thereby she’s eligible for the young entrepreneur grant which she wished for. It was also time for her to decide on sexual orientation and we found that she’s leaning towards straight.

Inhabitants at Myren after round 28:
Ulrika Myhr
Alva Myhr
Charlie Burlin
Lisa Myhr

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