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Korskrogen year 105-108 - Halfhearted

Previously at Korskrogen, the twins found their true hobby of Sports and learned to study. Maja, Caroline and Noel's daughter dated, met friends, had her first kiss and moved off to Uni. Stina reached her LTW of becoming Captain Hero. Caroline half-heartedly collected loves. Noel and Tony lives in the background.

Noel Bardh, 62, Romance/Grilled Cheese, 4th LTW Eat 200 Grilled Cheese
Caroline Johansson, 59, Romance, LTW 20 lovers
Stina Johansson, 59, Family/Grilled Cheese, 3rd LTW Graduate 3 kids from Uni
Tony Johansson, 41, Fortune, LTW Business Tycoon
Charlie Johansson, 9
Jonathan Johansson, 9
Rio and Janeiro, dogs

Stina has bought IKEA while unplayable, but j68 doubts that it will come to any use.

Caroline works in parallel for more loves in her life, but she has way to go on all the new batch.

Jonathan and Charlie has great grades!

Noel becomes a freelance web designer.

Caroline works on her list of potential lovers, but they are all still quite far away from results.

Noel gets promoted to the top of the Slacker career, which is nice, but he already had 2 p for careers so no more.

Caroline fills her aspiration panel. 3p!

Then she invites one of her prospect lovers to a date at the park community lot the family owns.

J68 is not sure Caroline’s LTW suits her. When dating Jesper she wishes to get married to a whole bunch of people including Noel.

When dating Gustav she wants to make out with Jesper

When dating Aron she wishes to kiss Gustav.

Back home, Janeiro the dog plays with the SentryBot. Never saw that before since
1) Dogs are usually ignored
2) We rarely have sentrybots

Tony gets promoted to Vice President

Then it’s time for the twins’ birthday

They both grow up well. Charlie rolls the Forutne aspiration and Jonathan rolls family. The LTWs have yet to reveal themselves

It’s a great party and Caroline enjoys her bath before it’s time for new conquests.

This time she has wishes for Jesper while dating Jesper, which makes things easier…

And at the end of the date we have love. Jesper is no 14. Quite some stretch to go still…

Back to family life. Tony becomes President

Charlie wants to attend private school so the headmaster is invited.

He loves the tour

And he loves the porkchops even when served in Pajamas.

He finds the family pretty crazy but yet impressively so, so the boys are both accepted. And thereby the update is over.

Korskrogen after round 28:
Noel Bardh
Caroline Johansson
Stina Johansson
Tony Johansson
Charlie Johansson
Jonathan Johansson
Rio and Janeiro, dogs

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