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Roteberg year 22-25 (Monday - Thursday)

Round 6 starts with Kim inheriting money from Hans Lind. She’s still in danger to loose her child again, let’s hope for the best.

Susanne is stargazing while awaiting her first day of school.

And in the evening her father Magnus is helping her with her homework. One could never guess that this marriage is between two romance sims that both fear the coming baby.

The romance is alive too, though, and after Magnus started using facial paint and some nearly invisible male make-up, the couple developed a three bolt attraction, the first in Mattsmyra. All marriages should be like this!

At 11.17 Tuesday morning, Kim’s labour starts. It’s time to welcome a new inhabitant in Mattsmyra!

On November 14th ’23, another baby girl is born to Roteberg. She’ll have Common name no. 50 – Ingeborg. Poor girl, sounds like an old bat.
With her light skin, light blue eyes and brown eyebrows she looks exactly like her sister Susanne. No male heir this time either. Anyway 1p for j68!

It seems that the male heir scheme got cancelled. Kim is really not born to be the mother of two. Girls. -1p for j68…

To comfort herself after the therapy sessions, Kim is throwing a party with lots of drinks.

Susanne loves the new piano. She plays without being told, and can sit there for hours.

Ingeborg Berg (very strange sounding name) grows up to a toddler. What a cute outfit, I have never seen it before!
This child will most certainly be overly cute, she’s 10 points neat AND 10 points nice! And Kim didn’t even want her. End of round 6.

Roteberg after round 6:
Magnus Berg
Kim Berg
Susanne Berg
Ingeborg Berg

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