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Lottefors year 105-108 - Perfect Brothers

Previously at Lottefors, Simon and Carita died, and so did Jiingi, the cross-breed. Axel grew up to teen and had hs first date and his first kiss. Jambo was adopted. Elias was born and grew up to toddler.

Lottefors year 105-108, Sunday to Wednesday
Marcus Montell, 46, Knowledge/Pleasure, 2nd LTW Game designer
Elisabet Montell, 46, Family/Knowledge, 6 grandchildren
Axel Montell, 15
Charlie Montell, 11
Elias Montell, 2
Jambo, the puppy

Elisabet descends from the Mattsson family, but her name at birth was Hartwig from her father’s father. Her family is a bit complicated. Her mother Maja had two children before she married Leif – Åsa with Daniel Johansson and Max who is adopted but is really Livia Johansson’s son. Elisabet has a brother, Gustav with the same father. After Maja died Leif remarried with Anita.

Marcus comes from the Montell clan which originates in the Johansson family, the same as mentioned above. He’s got two sisters and they have together 6 sons and one daughter.

Family Sunday!

And Charlie's birthday!

He grows up very well

His aspiration becomes Popularity. He turns on from underwear and hats and turns off from logic. LTW has yet to reveal itself.

His brother Axel, 16½, thinks he’s big enough to have some adult fun with a girl called Nova

But he also has some fun with his brother. In a brotherly way of course!

Jambo grows up to become a collie and she is quite a naughty dog. Elisabet has to spend a lot of time disciplining her.

The boys bring home friends from school and hang out with them. Brown-haired Erik, with glasses, is their second cousin and Jonathan, the blond one, is even more distantly related to them. Jonathan and Erik are also distantly related. Who is not in Mattsmyra these days?

Elisabet (or j68) decides it’s time to stop ballet dancing at age 50, so she chooses a new path as a Fashion photoprapher.

Elias learns to talk and walk

Dinner is served

Jambo gets some love

Homework is done

Then it’s Elias’ birthday. He sings a song to himself with his father.


And he grows up in Platinum

Plays with his father

The big boys are so wellbehaved that they are allowed to go shopping on a school night

So they buy phones and hand games, do some pillow fighting and then head home

At home, Charlie and Elias hang out

Elisabet washes Jambo

And Axel collects his scolarshps and heads off to Uni. And thereby, the round is over

Inhabitants at Lottefors after round 28:
Marcus Montell
Elisabet Montell
Charlie Montell
Elias Montell
Jambo, the collie

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