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Färila year 105-108 - Starting Over

Previously at Färila, Amelia's was hard to get to improve in level, while the gym and later the new real estate business REAL were booming. Liam, Birgit and Anita grew up well. Lena and Gustav worked until Gustav quit to spend time with the animals.

Färila year 105-108 – Sunday to Wednesday
Leif Hartwig, 80, Popularity/Pleasure, LTW 5 successful businesses
Anita Hartwig, 54, Fortune, 2nd LTW Hand of Poseidon
Gustav Hartwig, 41, Popularity/Knowledge, LTW 20 pet best friends
Lena Hartwig, 41, Romance/Grilled Cheese, LTW Rock God
Birgit Hartwig, 13
Liam Hartwig, 8
Beta, the dog

Leif comes from the Mattsson family. The readers saw this tree just on the last lot, since we played his daughter Elisabet then. Leif lives together with his wife Anita and his son Gustav’s family. He has had a sister, but she died young in a toy train accident.

Gustav’s tree we also recognize, since it’s the same as Elisabet’s. Their mother Maja had two other children before she married Leif.

Lena comes from the Berg family. She has one sister and two nephews and a niece

Family Sunday!

Liam talks to his cousin Elias

Birgit hangs out with the older cousins Marie and Charlie

Gustav hangs out with his sister Elisabet.

Lena comes home from work promoted to Rock God, which was her LTW. 2p! Now she wants to become a Hall of Famer.

It’s a nice Sunday and on Monday Leif, who is at the end of his life goes back to his hopeless store Amelia’s. After a full day no progress whatsoever has been made in the establishment. It’s still on level 8.


After this the problems started for real. Leif went to another one of all the businesses he owns, a salon and spa. Problem was that when he was closing up that shop he got stuck in whistle mode even though all patrons had left the lot. I got fed up with waiting and deleted Leif from the lot, expecting him to show up at his homelot.

Which HE DIDN’T! Instead I got the message that the family visits another lot. Do you want to go there? If I say yes, we go to the spa lot but no one is there. If I say no, I’m stuck on the neighbourhood screen.
Restarted the game several times, it didn’t work. Tried to exchange the playfiles for backed up ones, but it didn’t work.

Tried to move the family out, didn’t work. Finally I used another lot and the tombstone of Life&Death to add all members to that family, then had Leif go to the computer and “move out”. Thank you Glen Nyman.

It worked!

What happened though is that they all were reset to the beginning of their current age span, the house is empty and reset to Sunday and they have no money. But they are alive.

OK, another family Sunday then

Leif decides to go to Amelia’s to try to earn some money, but instead we end up in the situation where the employees cannot get paid.

At REAL it works better. Leif becomes best friends with his employee Peter Ottomas and they take a photo series to commemorate the event.

Then he becomes best friends with Kerstin Tidholm,, and she really loves the place and gives the last loyalty star to push the business up to level 7!

Back home, Birgit spends time with family and friends even though it is suddenly Monday again.

Anita comes home with just enough money to buy a bed, which she promptly puts to good use.

Leif comes home promoted – he had to take a job to pitch in now when the family restarts their lives.

The money is transformed into kitchen appliances

Liam is always miserable when he comes from school. Today a new boy comes by and they start to play together

After that he’s a bit happier, but really needs a bath.

Birgit gossips with Anita Cormier

After the shower, Liam does some skipping. He really needs some exercise it seems, being a little soft around the middle.

Anita has enough aspiration points to acquire a secondary aspiration of Family.

Amelia’s still do not improve in level, but is a source of steady income, so Leif goes there every day. And we have suddenly noticed that this family do not age at all. J68 keep notes on when Liam is going to be a teen, when Birgit is due for Uni and when Lena and Gustav are going to be elders, but what to do with Anita and Leif who are already elders? Will we leave them to live forever or will we kill them off eventually? Only future will tell…

Färila after round 28:
Leif Hartwig
Anita Hartwig
Gustav Hartwig
Lena Hartwig
Birgit Hartwig
Liam Hartwig
Beta, the dog

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