May 27th, 2008

Roteberg, Thursday - Sunday

Well, well, it seems like Kim has gotten herself pregnant. Will there be a second birth in Mattsmyra during round 3? 

Unfortunately it seems not. All of a sudden, Kim gets cramps in her belly, and then a large bleeding, and the foetus is gone. Kim had a miscarriage.

Despite the fact that Kim is still not well after her miscarriage, she gets promoted to free lancing web designer.

Magnus takes care of his distressed wife. She’s starting to feel better again. 

Maguns is exhausted as usual when coming home from work. Today he got promoted to party-DJ!

Hugo is now 67 years old, and he finds no joy in anything but drinking. He has been a widower now for five years, but he never really came over the loss of Berit and the few years they had together.

Early Sunday morning Kim starts to feel the well known nausea again. Will this pregnancy end happier than the last time?

Inhabitants at Roteberg after round 3:
Hugo Berg
Magnus Berg
Kim Berg
Maria Berg

Georg Lind (Deceased)

Georg was born as generation 2, son of Hans Lind and Melissa Falk. He's got black hair and grey eyes with a light skin tone. Georg has the Family/Popularity aspiration and his LTW is to become Captain Hero - Acheived at 45.New LTW Golden Anniversary  - Acheived at 58. New LTW 3 children graduate University. Turn-ons are fat people in swim wear, turn-off is formal wear

Birthday: 23rd of August '14
Died: 22nd of March '92
Height: 58 =180 cm =1,03
College major: Psychology SCL

Preferred Hobby: Arts & Crafts - received plaque
Badges: Sewing Gold

Spouse: Allegra Gast
Children: Annika Lind, third generation
David Lind, third generation

Talent points:
Cooking 10
Mechanical 2
Charisma 4
Body 10
Logic 9
Creativity 10
Cleaning 8

His sign is Aquarius and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 5
Outgoing: 5
Active: 3
Playful: 4
Nice: 9

Georg newborn                            Georg is really smart                 Jumping on the couch

Androgyne looks, almost angelic Georg got an ugly nose         Adult back home

Georg got old


Letsbo, Thursday - Sunday


Hans Lind reached the top of the sports career for elders and is now the mascot for the team. He’s telling his new friend Kim how disappointed he is that he cannot count on getting any higher in rank, just because of his age. “It’s harassment of the elderly, I mean, not so young!”

At 8.23 PM Friday night, Melissa’s contractions start. Hans, becoming a father at age 66, is fast asleep.

It’s a boy! 1p to j68. He will have Common Name no 88 – Georg. He’s got grey eyes, which is natural, since both mom and dad have them. He also seems to have black hair. I guess Hans had black hair when he was young. I wouldn’t know, I haven’t seen him.

Hans is very happy to have become a father. And to a son to that! The family name is saved, together with the family farm!

Georg becomes a toddler. He’s an Aquarius, a totally new sign in Mattsmyra! This will be fun! Now, round 3 has come to an end. See you next time!

Inhabitants at Letsbo after round 3:
Hans Lind
Melissa Lind
Georg Lind

Round 3 complete

Points for round 3:

Accumulated since r2  16p
Two shrinks                    -2p
Two babies                      2p
Total                                 16p

5 households
0 death
2 births
21 sims

Mattsgården, Monday - Wednesday (year 15-17)

As soon as the newspaper arrives Ida checks the ads and finds a place of her own, Färila, where she moves with only the clothes on her back, nothing else.

Tobias also leaves his father’s house to move into his farm Hamre. Before he leaves he arranges a nanny for his little sister Thea and potty trains her. A good morning’s work!

Dan gets promoted to lobbyist and is trying to fire the nanny, but she will have none of it. The front wall is still unpainted as we all see, it’s time for a home make-over, at least so much as 2.600 simoleons can buy.

Dan teaches Thea to talk. This toddler will be taken better care of than her older siblings, growing up with Dan in despair and depression.

The training was evidently fruitful. Lena and Thea is having a conversation about movies and TV-games when the rest of the family is off to work and school.

Dan gets fired for making the wrong choice about a proposition at work. Fortunately it’s free point-wise to make the wrong decision.

Dan is helping Stella with her homework. She needs all help she can get, she’s got the lowest grades you can have. As her brothers. This is not a very academic family. No wonder Ida had a breakdown before she left home.

Thea grows up well to be a child. The only child in Mattsmyra actually.

Inhabitants at Mattsgården after round 4:
Dan Mattsson
Lena Mattsson
Daniel Mattsson
Loke Mattsson
Stella Mattsson
Thea Mattsson