June 9th, 2008

Mattsgården, year 22-25 (Monday-Thursday)


Round 6 starts at Mattsgården, where we now have five people living. Dan Mattsson with his wife Lena, who’s working out on the floor, and their daughter Thea, who was born in Mattsmyra as generation 2. 

The other two are Loke and Stella, Dan’s youngest twins by his deceased wife Carina. They will grow up to be adults during this round. The plans for their future are still evolving.
At the end of round 5 we still had problems with the flu, and even now, both Stella and Thea are sick.

Thea and Stella fortunately got well without someone else getting sick. Today Dan got promoted to a political intern. Slow, slow progress on his political career ladder. He’s already 48 years old. But on the other hand, he had to start all over again with all his life when his wife died.

Stella comes home from her very last day in school with an average 5-. Not the very top of the scale, but very good. Way to go, Stella!

Her twin brother Loke, on the other hand, can’t wait until his teen years are over and he will be able to start his own family. His average is grade1. Well, Loke, better luck with your future career in Law and Order.

Loke grows up well to an adult. He will stay at Mattsgården to continue to fill the house with lots of children. His LTW is to become Captain Hero, but he is also a family sim and of course wants his own family as soon as possible. 

Already at his birthday party he finds the future mother of his children. Barbara Lennestål is literally radiant to his eyes.

Stella grows up well too. She will move out to her own place, to start her pursuit for happiness in her own way. That way involving a lot of men and a career in Culinary. Good luck Stella!

Thea grows up well to be a teenager. She looks exactly as her sister Stella. 

Good thing Stella moved out, otherwise I would confuse them, even though they’re not the same age. Only difference I can see is that Thea has her mother’s almond shaped eyes, which Stella doesn’t, naturally, since they don’t have the same mother.
Thea gets the Fortune aspiration and turns on from redhaired athletes, and turns off from make-up. LTW is to become a Business Tycoon.

Dan gets demoted to Campaign worker due to poor performance at work (wrong choice in chance card). At least he didn’t get fired, but his lifetime goal is far, far away. Maybe the new looks was a mistake, too.

Not a very manlike behaviour from Loke, but his future bride doesn’t seem to mind. From now on they’re in love. At least a crush. Stay tuned for a possible wedding during round 7!

Mattsgården after round 6:
Dan Mattsson
Lena Mattsson
Loke Mattsson
Thea Mattsson

Myren, Year 22-25 (Monday-Thursday)

Round 6 starts with Evert expanding the home shop further, and starts to sell his own paintings. The company reaches level 3, and Marita has started to show. There will be a baby in this round, if nothing unexpected happens.
And – another positive review!

Like in a nightmare, Marita wakes up in the middle of the night with cramps. It’s too early!

Oh no! She looses the baby! Poor, poor Marita, she feels really terrible and blames herself for not taking it easy enough. Poor Evert slept through the whole thing, good for him, he won’t remember it.

It seems the bad mood in the house is contagious though. Evert tries to keep the shop open, but it looses credit and drops to level 2.

That in turn sends him into aspiration failure. -1p for j68.

Then he sits around the couch for hours in his gym clothes, watching TV. He cannot even make the effort to restock his shop.

When at last he did open the shop again, the shelves got empty in no time. The level also rised again to 3 and he got a silver badge in register.
Evert got his energy back, and Marita tested positive on her pregnancy test.

After another busy day in the shop, Evert makes himself some dinner, while Marita is trying to sleep her way through the pregnancy without loosing the baby.
Stand by for the first-born Myhr in round 7!

Myren after round 6:
Evert Myhr
Marita Myhr