June 10th, 2008

Korskrogen Year 22-25 (Monday - Thursday)


Daniel is catching up on his relationships before work on Monday. He’s living in Korskrogen alone, except from his baby sister Livia, who is now a teen.
Daniel wants to be Chief of Staff, and is at the moment working as a paramedic. He has not found a suitable wife yet.

Livia is one of many romance sims in Mattsmyra. She seizes the opportunity to make out with a local townie named Ricky Cormier.

When her brother leaves for work she also seizes the opportunity to seduce Ricky in the hot tub. Naughty girl!
But she is after all 22 years old, even though that is considered teen.

The Korskrogen mother ghost has started to make appearances again. Maybe she doesn’t approve of her youngest daughter’s behaviour.

Daniel gets along fine with Maja Bennett, but with only one bolt there are no plans for a romance, not yet anyway. Daniel is still young, only 27 years old.

On the other hand, in her swimsuit she’s really hot. “Yeah, it’s some kind of magic” Maja says.

Livia grows up well to be an adult. For the time being she’ll be staying here with Daniel. We’ll see what happens if any of them meets someone special.

“How about that promise you gave, that you wanted a night with me?” asks Livia flirtingly. “Wow, she’s still hot” Tobias Mattsson thinks.

And the current round at Korskrogen ends with Daniel’s promotion to nurse. He’s now starting to work daytime.

Inhabitants at Korskrogen after round 6:
Daniel Johansson
Livia Johansson