June 15th, 2008

Barbara (Lennestål) Mattsson - Deceased

Barbara is a townie, and was moved in to live with Loke Mattsson as a first generation adult. She's got brown hair and grey eyes with a light skin tone.
Her aspiration is Knowledge and her LTW is to become a Mad Scientist.  Her turn-ons are swimwear and brown hair, turn off is fat people.

Born: 21st of January '01
died: 31st of May '74

Badges: Cosmetology Silver

Spouse: Loke Mattsson
Children: Emilia Mattsson, second generation
Elisabeth Mattsson, second generation
Georg Mattsson, second generation
Hugo Mattsson, second generation

Preferred Hobby: Science

Talent points:
Cooking 10
Mechanical 10
Charisma 10
Body 10
Logic 10
Creativity 10
Cleaning 10

Her sign is Virgo and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 9
Outgoing: 2
Active: 6
Playful: 3
Nice: 5

Barbara settles in                              Barbara pale


Mattsgården year 26-28 (Friday - Sunday)

Thea Mattsson is the mechanical genius of Mattsgården, and is fixing the stereo before school on Friday.

Loke is still working on his relationship with Barbara. It works perfectly, she is always swooning over him.

Ah, sweet woohoo. Time to get down to business, Loke!

The elder generation is taking it easy nowadays. Dan is 51 years old and Lena is 50.

Loke and Barbara get engaged, but they don’t look particularly engaged. Barbara is leaving and Loke is starving.

On the 4th of September ‘27, Loke and Barbara get married on the lawn outside the Mattsson residence. The finance situation of the Mattsson’s is still not good, so there are simply no money for a big wedding.
Barbara moves in with 13.000 simoleons. Well, had she moved in before the wedding we could have had a party… 1p for j68.

Barbara is working as a Criminal Mastermind and has a really cool outfit. Her lifetime wish is to become a mad scientist though, so she’s looking for a new job.

Lena gets promoted to All Star. No one seems to be happy for promotions in Mattsmyra.

Loke got obsessed with working out as soon as the workout machine arrived. He has been working out since he got up this morning, and now it’s 4 pm. He increased his body points from 1 to 6 in one day.

And now he’s really fit!

Dan got pomoted to intern. Again. He’s mostly happy for the money.

In the dead of night Loke arrives home, promoted to Cadet. And there we’re leaving Mattsgården for round 7. See you next time!

Mattsgården after round 7:
Dan Mattsson
Lena Mattsson
Loke Mattsson
Barbara (Lennestål) Mattsson
Thea Mattsson 

Rolf Myhr (Deceased)

Rolf was born as generation 2, son o Marita (Bornemo) Myhr and Evert Myhr. He's got blond hair and brown eyes with a  light skin tone. His aspiration is Pleasure and his LTW is to have 50 dream dates. He turns on from underwear and glasses, and turns off from make-up.

Birthday: October 2nd '27
Died: July 18th '98

Height: 60 = 180 cm
Siblings: Agnes (Myhr) Rodiek

Preferred Hobby: Culinary
College Major Drama 4,8

Badges: Sales Silver, Register Bronze, Stocking Silver

Spouse Britta Davidsson
Children: Ulrika Myhr, third generation
Alva Myhr, third generation

Talent points:
Cooking 5
Mechanical 3
Charisma 10
Body 10
Logic 8
Creativity 8
Cleaning 4

His sign is Taurus and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 7
Active: 1
Playful: 8
Nice 5

Rolf is old now

Rolf is a calm baby                                                         Rolf has an ugly haircut

Rolf in school yearbook                  Rolf green teen                           Rolf is a pleasure sim


Myren year 26-28 (Friday - Sunday)


Round 7 starts with a kitchen fire. Marita is still asleep. Or maybe again. This time she really want to make it through the pregnancy. Both her and Evert wants this baby so badly.

Saturday morning it’s time. The baby is coming!

On October 2nd ’27, a blond brown eyed baby boy is born. He gets Common name no 43 – Rolf. Congratulations to the first-born! 1p for j68

Marita is exhausted and starving after the long pregnancy and difficult labour, and falls asleep in her food. It’s not good, I’m afraid she will die.

Luckily Marita didn’t die, but she had to face her fear of changing diapers when Evert was sleeping. I thought only romance sims developed that fear.

Evert continues working in his shop, and doesn’t even have time to paint anymore. He earns a silver badge in stocking.

Rolf is growing up to toddler. It’s that terrible haircut again. It looks especially dreadful on blond kids.
Rolf is a playful Taurus, and there the round ends. See you later!

Myren after round 7:
Evert Myhr
Marita Myhr
Rolf Myhr

Korskrogen Year 26-28 (Friday - Sunday)


Livia invites Tobias to woohoo in the jaccuzzi. It’s a sweet romance sim’s life.

Friday night the Johansson siblings meet at a restaurant to have dinner together. “Wow, look at that sumo wrestler over there!” Livia says.
Maximilian and Nero are looking, but Daniel, who got dragged out of bed and therefore eats dinner in his pyjamas, is only reading the menu. “(Mmm, salmon!)”

At home that night, Livia’s lover Tobias and Daniel’s girl friend Sofie is fighting. Those two are hopeless, everywhere they go they fight with someone.
Livia is sleeping through the racket, and dreams of her amazing birthday party. Or maybe someone elses.

Ooops! Seems like Livia is in for a surprise! Who is the father? Is it Tobias, or her other lover Ricky?

Daniel gets promoted to intern. Longer workdays to expect.
Daniel is not at all interested in getting married, or even to meet his girlfriend since many years, Sofie, who is now an adult. He’s only interested in his career and the skills he needs to continue his promotions.

Korskrogen after round 7:
Daniel Johansson
Livia Johansson