June 19th, 2008

Färila year 26-28 (Friday - Sunday)

After his second birthday cake, Leif Hartwig is growing up to a toddler. He’s got the classical toddler haircut, but it doesn’t matter in black-haired babies.
He turns out to be an Aries, and is the meanest child so far – only 3 in nice! He will have a bunch of push-over kids to bully when he gets older.

Saturday night all the Mattsson’s are coming over for a family party. It’s a total roof lifter, Leif is entertaining his grandfather, step-grandmother and aunt with tales about tennis. His uncles are hanging around along the walls, too.

Skilling yourself and the toddler. That’s everything that’s going on in the Färila household. And before we know it, round 7 comes to an end. 

Färila after round 7:
Ida Hartwig
Lasse Hartwig
Leif Hartwig

Hamre year 26-28, Friday - Sunday

Tobias Mattsson gets promoted to Starter, but he’s very grumpy. He’s still upset that he lost his last fight, whichever one that was.

Fortunately Tobias has strategies to deal with a grumpy mind. No medicin is as good as a willing woman’s soft bosom, and more, to sooth a wounded self esteem.

Promoted again – this time to All Star. Way to go, Tobias! And there we must leave Hamre for this round. See you back next time!

Hamre after round 7:
Tobias Mattsson

Norrbo year 26-28, Friday - Sunday


Daniel Mattsson, finally found a job as a team mascot in the sports career. The job is really tiresome, and he faints between the trash can and the mail box, dreaming of his friend Maximilian.

All alert again, Daniel invites Melissa over to make out a bit.

“You know, when Georg was little, he was potty trained already when he was one year old”
Suitable conversation in bed with your llama dressed lover, Melissa…

Daniel is not much more faithful than his brother Tobias. He’s now working on Jill Bennett.

Another promotion goes by without cheering, Daniel becomes Minor Leaguer. And that's the end of round 7 at Norrbo.

Norrbo after round 7:
Daniel Mattsson