June 21st, 2008

Vallsta year 26-28, Friday - Sunday

The calm is almost deadly in its boredome at Vallsta. Maximilian Johansson and his sambo Nero Montell lives like an old married couple, no drama, no Culinary jobs in the classified section…

Uh-oh, Maximilian’s half-started love affair with Boris Liljeroth pops up again, when Boris pops in unannounced. Nero is at work, luckily.

Maximilian and Nero both started to work as drive-through clerks, and have started their pursuit for a job as Celebrity Chef. But there’s a long way still to go. The couple is also considering moving to a bigger, fancier house, and will probably do so any day soon.

Nero gets promoted to Fast food Shift Manager, but only his beloved Maximilian is on his mind.
Let's see if hte next round gives us more drama in the romance section.

Vallsta after round 7:
Maximilian Johansson
Nero Montell

Tallåsen year 26-28, Friday - Sunday

Maria Berg gets promoted to paramedic. It seems the scrubs are a bit tight.

Orlando invited some friends over, and they all arrive in their formal wear. It’s time for a wedding!

The couple is giving their vows. Everybody is grabbing their handkerchiefs.

The wedding is a roof lifter, but a bit tiresome. Maria goes straight out of bed to the limo.

Finally someone who is happy for his promotion. Orlando steps up to desk sergeant.
And there we end round 7 with the newlywed family aspiration sims, that don’t wish for children.

Tallåsen after round 7:
Maria (Berg) Ceder
Orlando Ceder

Round 7 complete

 Accumulated since r6   26p
One townie                      1p (Barbara)
One baby                         1p (Rolf)
Total                                 28p

12 households
0 deaths
1 birth
33 sims
 (3 deceased = 30 active)