June 29th, 2008

Letsbo year 29-32, Monday to Thursday

Melissa Lind is maxing her body skill, in preparation for her Lifetime dream, to become a Hall of Famer.

Melissa’s hard work pays off as she gets promoted to Superstar.

“Wow, Magnus, you are really hot!” (“Wow, Melissa is really hot”). Didn’t Magnus’ pregnant wife just die and get resurrected? As if a romance sim would care.

…and they’re in bed… It actually took another two days, but anyway.

The always amiable Georg is chatting up his grumpy girlfriend Thea. She’s actually not mad with him, she’s just in a bad mood generally, maybe it’s that time of the month?

Georg ends round 8 with maxing his cooking skill. It will come handy for a family man like him.

Letsbo after round 8:
Melissa Lind
Georg Lind

Anna (Montell) Törnblad - Deceased

Anna was born as generation 2, daughter of Jesper Montell and Inger Johansson. She's got blond hair and light blue eyes with a very dark skin tone. She changed her aspiration in college from Pleasure to Family/Popularity and her LTW changed from 50 dream dates to 6 grandchildren. Her turn-ons are perfume and vampyrism, turn-off is make-up.

Birthday: February 11th '31
Died: February 18th 106

Siblings: Simon Montell, Barbro (Montell) Sandvall, Martin Montell, Sebastian Montell, Malva (Montell) Markövertag

Height: 59=180cm=1.03

College major: Psychology, 4,9
Preferred Hobby: Arts & Crafts

Badges: Gardening Silver

Spouse: Allan Törnblad
Children: Oscar Törnblad, third generation
Wilhelm Törnblad, third generation
Siri Törnblad, third generation

Talent points:
Cooking 7
Mechanical 9
Charisma 4
Body 6
Logic 10
Creativity 6
Cleaning 7

Her sign is Pisces and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 4
Outgoing: 4
Active: 4
Playful: 4
Nice: 9

Sweet elder

Return of the clones                    Anna toddler                                    Anna school girl

Anna sporty teen                           Anna adult

Lottefors year 29-32, Monday to Thursday


Inger Montell is taking it easy in front of the TV, together with her brother-in-law Nero, the sambo of her brother Maximilian.

Simon and Barbro are playing around before it is time to deal with their homework. They are both eagerly expecting the arrival of their new brother or sister.

Early Wednesday morning the labour starts. Montell kid no 3 is on the way. A guess for appearance, anyone? Who bets against dark skin, blue eyes and blond hair?

Not me! On the morning of February 11th ’31 a baby girl is born. Her name will be Popular no 56 – Anna. That must be one of the most common names too, but not here in Mattsmyra.

Thursday when Inger returns home from work, she feels the familiar nausea again. ETA Sunday.

“Daddy, Daddy! I’ve got 5+ average on my report card!” Barbro yells. 
“Great honey, Daddy’s on the phone! We’ve got two birthdays tonight, you know.”

And the first birthday boy is Simon, growing up well into teen. His aspiration turns out to be romance. He turns on from facial paint and blonds, but turns off from fat people.

And Anna becomes a toddler, in the arms of her father Jesper, who just caught the flu, unknown from who he got it.

She’s got exactly the same personality as her older siblings, being a 9 nice Pisces. We have a severe case of Firstborn Syndrome here. We’ll have to try to remember to prevent that next time.

Lottefors after round 8:
Inger Montell
Jesper Montell
Simon Montell
Barbro Montell
Anna Montell