August 3rd, 2008

Sebastian Montell - Deceased

Sebastian was born as generation 2, son of Jesper Montell and Inger Johansson. He's got red hair and brown eyes with a dark skin tone. His aspiration was changed from Pleasure to Romance/Pleasure in college. His LTW was changed from 50 dream dates to Hall of Famer - acheived at 54. Now he wants to woohoo 20 sims. He turns on from perfume and underwear, but turns off from black hair.

Birthday: December 9th '39
Died: March 12th 105
Widower at age 36

Siblings: Simon Montell, Barbro (Montell) Sandvall, Anna (Montell) Törnblad, Martin Montell, Malva (Montell) Markövertag

College Major: philosophy, no honours
Preferred Hobby: Fitness

Spouse: Charlotte Hartwig, Rut Mattsson
Children: Christoffer Montell, third generation

Talent points:
Cooking 7
Mechanical 7
Charisma 10
Body 10
Logic 5
Creativity 10
Cleaning 4

His sign is Gemini and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 2
Outgoing: 10
Active: 10
Playful: 7
Nice: 6


Sebastian looks like Martin        Sebastian plays                                 Sebastian School boy

Sebastian looks embarassed   Sebastian is fit

Malva (Montell) Markövertag

Malva was born as generation 2, daughter of Jesper Montell and Inger Johansson. She's got red hair and brown  eyes with a very dark skin tone. Her aspiration is Fortune and her LTW is to become a Criminal Mastermind . She turns on from underwear and red hair, but turns off from special hair.

Birthday: December 9th '39
Siblings: Simon Montell, Barbro (Montell) Sandvall, Anna (Montell) Törnblad, Martin Montell, Sebastian Montell

Height: 55=180cm=1,03

Badges: Gardening Bronze
Preferred Hobby: Science
College Major: Mathematics SCL

Spouse: Malcolm Markövertag
Children: Siv Markövertag, third generation
Helena Markövertag, third generation

Talent points:
Cooking 8
Mechanical 7
Charisma 2
Body 6
Logic 5
Creativity 8
Cleaning 8

Her sign is Virgo and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 10
Outgoing: 7
Active: 4
Playful: 4
Nice: 5



New Montell colouring                      Malva and big sister Barbro              Malva School girl

Malva is a fortune sim             Malva might be a gold-digger

Lottefors year 36-39, Monday to Thursday

Simon Montell asked some random people in, but nobody likes one another. On the left we could have sworn it was teen Thea Mattsson visiting, but she’s all grown up now, with her own house.

At Martin’s birthday party Simon succeeds in getting his kiss from Christel Garpheden. His career as Don juan has begun. He still can’t wait until he’s going to college. Unfortunately he catches the flu from her too.

Martin becomes a toddler, but his birthday party stinks, reason unknown. He’s a Virgo with 10 neat (of course), and his red hair is pretty obvious now.

Inger gets promoted to Getaway Driver and Anna didn’t get better grades. She needs to learn how to study, so that doing the homework is faster for her.

Inger has had an easy pregnancy this, probably, last time. She had morning sickness once, and just popped into the third trimester without passing the second. She has been working up to now. ETA November ’39.

Anna gets her desired 5+ report card, but her pregnant mother and flu sick father are too exhausted to share her joy.

Barbro gets her first kiss from two-bolt love David Sandvall.

Martin is collecting the skills needed to become a big boy, and is happy about it..

Inger goes into labour for the fifth time in her life at 11.24 Thursday. 
It’s twins! On the 9th of December ’39 a boy and a girl are born.

Meet Common name no 67 – Sebastian Montell

And Popular name no 95 – Malva Montell!

Conveniently enough Martin is outgrowing his crib the same night, making room for his small brother and sister. He’s growing up averagely well.

Färila year 36-39, Monday to Thursday

Little Lotta Hartwig is put in toddler training by her knowledge striving mother Ida. Potty training is already finished, now we’re in to walking.

Leif is turning into teen in a platinum mood. He chooses the Popularity aspiration. His turn-ons are perfume and fat people. Turn-off is hats. His LTW is to own 5 top businesses. I thought only Fortune sims had that LTW.
He wants to go to Uni right away, but as everybody else he needs to wait until he’s 18.

Leif’s birthday party is ending with a fight. It has been a while, but it seems the tradition is coming back.

Leif didn’t tend to his social needs enough, and all of a sudden the Social Bunny was falling from the sky. -1p.

Lotta is growing up very well to child.

But she oversleeps and misses the school bus on her first day of school! This is not good!

Fortunately the family has enough money to buy a car, so Lasse is driving his daughter to school.

The evening is used for homework, compensating for the late arrival to school the same day.

Färila after round 10:
Ida Hartwig
Lasse Hartwig
Leif Hartwig
Charlotte Hartwig

Hamre year 36-39, Monday to Thursday


Tobias Mattsson is cured from the jumping bug, and went on a shopping spree to IKEA. He redecorated his living room in black and red with white highlights, and he’s very pleased with the result.

Tobias gets promoted to Superstar, and looks a bit happy about it, actually.

Then he goes to the minimall to shop for clothes, but meets Carla and needs to flirt a bit with her first. He asks her for a date. She’s a family sim, but he still has one bolt with her.

He even convinces her to try a public woohoo. My first ever!

The shop clerk is cheering outside the booth.

It turns out to be a dream date, without unpleasant surprises, like other lovers showing up.

And the next day he’s taking her to his bed.

Tobias is getting robbed again. The Police officer stinks, according to Tobias’ opinion.

He manages to detain the criminal anyway, and Tobias has another person to hate - Jessica Eberling.

And another to love. Carla Hovlund is gorgeous, too.

Hamre after round 10:
Tobias Mattsson