August 9th, 2008

Färila year 40-42, Skilling weekend

Lasse Hartwig gets promoted to Bank Robber. Nice with a day time job again. Or at least evening. He spent the weekend working out, to increase his body skill.

Lotta is playing chess with Kevin Rodiek. Good girl, soon your logic skill will be maxed!

Leif isn’t doing anything useful. He’s just hanging. With his mother… The rest of the weekend he spent in front of the mirror though, working on his charisma.

Lotta is maxing her logic skill one sunny Saturday morning. I really hope she’ll be growing up to be a knowledge sim. The rest of the weekend she spent with her nose in a book, learning about cleaning. From level 0 to 7 in no time.

Ida is a knowledge sim, and she wants a bronze badge in flower arranging. So, just keep on practicing.

And she’s practicing, and she’s earning her bronze badge.

Färila after round 11:
Ida Hartwig
Lasse Hartwig
Leif Hartwig
Charlotte Hartwig

Hamre year 40-42, Kicked trash can

Tobias Mattsson is cleaning at his trash can, again. He’s got another enemy now, Ricky didn’t like that Livia chose Tobias instead of him.
The paper girl is here, too. That’s evidence that the paper gets delivered, but Tobias never sees it before it’s stolen.

Ricky’s here again…. Earlier he passed by and stole the newspaper…

Tobias gets promoted to Assistant Coach, and please note, both the trash can and the newspaper are untouched today!

Some classical hottub woohoo with Carla Hovlund

And the trash can gets kicked over by Konrad Platz. I didn’t even know Tobias did something to him.

Hamre after round 11:
Tobias Mattsson

Norrbo year 40-42, Pregnancy and Promotions

Daniel Mattsson and his new wife Alicia have not cheated with woohoo-ing before hey were married. I’m a bit surprised, he's a Romance sim after all. The lullaby was heard. Another Mattsson is expected in ’43.

Daniel is promoted to Superstar.

And Alicia to Field Sales Representative.

In the middle of the night her tummy pops, but it’s hardly visible.

Alicia arranged a party, to keep in touch with her many friends. I’ve heard that the best parties are held in the kitchen, but this is ridiculous!

Alicia pops again. “Wow! I really feel pregnant now! I guess the baby will come in April.”

Daniel gets promoted to Assistant Coach, and the weekend is over.

Norrbo after round 11:
Daniel Mattsson
Alicia Mattsson

Österås year 40-42, Great Expectations

Maximilian Johansson is stargazing at night, and all of a sudden he hears a strange noise… It’s a UFO!!
Maximilian gets abducted by aliens!

“Maximilian, my love! Where did you go?!” Nero is checking the sky for signs of his lost lover.

At 6AM, Maximilian is returned.

And the household is one experience richer.

They bought a drum set and a bass guitar, too, and Maximilian really loves playing the drums.

Ooo – excitement! Seems this family will have another new experience in a few days… Maximilian is pregnant! Lucky that the Age of Miscarriages are over! Oooo – an Alien baby, I can hardly wait!

Maximilian pops into his second trimester, right when the car pool is arriving.

He decides to go to work anyway, even though he doesn’t have to. Boris has apparently made a nightly visit, kicking the trash can over.

Lucy Hanby has bad luck with her Montell employers. She quits her job here too, and takes some furniture with her.

“I can’t believe she took the candles I bought from Evert Myhr the other day. Well, off to work now!”

Nero got promoted to Executive Chef and brought Benjamin Lång with him home. They really look like clones. Nero is the one with the plumb bob.

Maximilian enters his third trimester. ETA Alien baby – September ’43.

Österås after round 11:
Maximilian Johansson
Nero Montell