September 11th, 2008

Tessa (Ramirez) Tång - Deceased

Tessa is a playable from Bluewater, daughter to Checo Ramirez and his wife Lisa. She was studying at SimLand University with Susanne Berg. She temporarily moved to Mattsmyra after graduation. Later she moved back to Bluewater and settled there as a second generation adult.
She's got brown hair and brown eyes with a dark skin tone.
Her aspiration is Fortune/Family and her LTW is to become  Chief of Staff.  Acheived at age 55. Now she wants to earn 100.000§. Acheived at 71. Now she wants to Marry off 6 children. Her turn-ons are swimwear and underwear, turn off is formal wear.

Birthday: 24th of September ' 18
Died: 17th of June ' 95, age 78

College major: Biology
Preferred Hobby: Music & Dance

Spouse: Elmer Tång
Children: Engla Ramirez, third generation

Talent points:
Cooking 10
Mechanical 10
Charisma 6
Body 7
Logic 10
Creativity 7
Cleaning 10

Her sign is Aries and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 5
Outgoing: 7
Active: 5
Playful: 4
Nice: 4

Elmer Tång - Deceased

Elmer is a dormie, and was moved in to live with Tessa Ramirez as a second generation adult. He's got black hair and grey eyes with a very light skin tone.
His aspiration is Family/Fortune and his LTW is to become  Captain Hero. Acheived at age 53. Now he wants to become the Education Minister. His turn-ons are hats and underwear, turn off is vampyrism.

Birthday: 21st October '21
Died: 18th September 101

College Major: ?
Preferred Hobby: Science

Spouse: Tessa Ramirez
Children: Engla Ramirez, third generation, Elin Tång third generation

Talent points:
Cooking 6
Mechanical 4
Charisma 7
Body 10
Logic 9
Creativity 10
Cleaning 10

His sign is Cancer and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 8
Outgoing: 6
Active: 7
Playful: 0
Nice: 4

Elmer looks manly                         Elmer looks young

Robin Logren (Deceased)

Robin is a grown-up townie teen, and was moved in to live with Britta Persson, as a second generation adult.  He's got brown hair and light blue eyes with a light skin tone.
His aspiration is Fortune and his LTW is to become  Criminal Mastermind.  His turn-ons are swimsuits and black hair, turn off is .

Died: January 15th '85, age 78

College major: -
Preferred Hobby: Culinary

Badges: Sales Bronze, Fishing Bronze

Spouse: Britta Persson
Children: Caroline Johansson, second generation (Livia Johansson is the mother)

IW: Earn 100.000§ reached

Talent points:
Cooking 3
Mechanical 10
Charisma 2
Body 8
Logic 2
Creativity 10
Cleaning 3

His sign is Capricorn and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 7
Outgoing: 4
Active: 1
Playful: 8
Nice: 5


Robin with narrow eyes        Robin is shopping

Engla (Ramirez) Mattsson

Engla was born as generation 3, daughter of Tessa Ramirez and Elmer Tång. She's got black hair and brown eyes with a  dark skin tone. Her aspiration is Knowledge/Popularity and her LTW is to become Head of SCIA. Acheived at age 37. Now she wants to Max 7 Skills. Acheived at 41. Now she wants to become a Mad Scientist. She turns on from black hair and  logic, but turns off from creativity.

Badges: Gardening Silver

Birthday: November 7th '46
Siblings: Elin Tång (half-sister)

Preferred Hobby: Music & Dance
College Major: Political Science SCL

Spouse: Hugo Mattsson
Children: Lovisa Mattsson, fouth generation

Talent points:
Cooking 10
Mechanical 10
Charisma 10
Body 10
Logic 10
Creativity 10
Cleaning 10

Knowledge IW reached!

Her sign is Aries and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 5
Outgoing: 7
Active: 7
Playful: 2
Nice: 6


Little Panda Engla                           School girl Engla

Engla is cheering                             Engla looks happy

Storfallet year 43-46, Bachelor's Hotel

Storfallet is becoming a bachelor’s hotel. Tessa Ramirez is moving in with her college friends Konrad Platz and Britta Persson. The plan is that they’re moving out when they find a spouse, and starts off on their own.

Tessa starts immediately to find a job. She gets one as a paramedic. Not very high up the ladder, but it’s the right track anyway.

This is like a flash-back to Campus life. While Tessa falls in love with Elmer the Llama, Konrad gets slapped up by Ravi.

Moving on fast, Tessa is taking Elmer to her bed. He looks better with the Llama suit off.

A promotion for Tessa. She becomes a nurse

Britta Persson is dating her three-bolt attraction Robin Logren. They’re talking about the Greek house parties Robin attended when Britta was in college.

“Cheers, Robin! I always liked you. A lot!”

“A lot”

“You’re hot, Britta! Can’t imagine I never saw that before!” Robin says

And a first kiss, right there, in the restaurant.

Of course it ends like a dream date with a make-out session.

Oops! The encounter with the dear Elmer seems to have had results. I’m as surprised as Tessa (installed risky woohoo and quiet pregnancy, it worked, apparently).
A shotgun wedding seems to be in order

Konrad met this girl, Karla Berglöv, and is now making advances towards her. She doesn’t seem to mind.

On the contrary. she accepts his backrub

But he moves too fast. Karla doesn’t like being hit upon

Elmer the Llama accepts Tessa the Pregnant’s proposal, and takes her ring.

And Robin accepts Britta’s proposal.

Elmer moves in on Tessa’s suggestion, and he grows up, too. He brings 7000§ to the household, but after the wedding, and after the baby is born, Tessa and him, and the baby, will move back into the house of Tessa’s parents in Bluewater (which I recently realized that she should have done immediately after college)

Tessa is in really bad shape, she’s almost starved to death. It’s the usual pregnancy problem – too hungry to sleep, too tired to eat.

Britta asks Robin to move in, and he accepts.

It’s chaos in the tiny kitchen of Storfallet. Tessa is trying to keep alive by drinking energy drinks. Elmer is doing the dishes, while thinking about the growing household, and Robin is trying to sit down with his meal.

Tessa’s baby is coming, and she’s not married yet! Luckily SimSweden is a liberal country.

At 11.37 PM on November 7th ’46, another baby girl is born. She’s not related to the Mattsson’s at all, but still she looks like one. Her name is Popular no 53 – Engla. Engla Ramirez, to be exact.

Tessa moves out with her baby girl Engla, and the girl’s father, Elmer Tång. They are moving back to the house of Tessa’s parents Checo and Lisa in Bluewater.
Bye family!

Storfallet after round 12:
Konrad Platz
Britta Persson
Robin Logren