September 17th, 2008

Myren year 47-49, Reaching Level 7

Little Agnes Myhr is a very creative girl. Right now she’s experimenting with aquarelle water colours.

Her father Evert is working his clients in the front yard. Here he’s trying to impress Sofie Johansson of Korskrogen into buying something.

The shop can be used for flirting, too. Rolf bought Sofie Ceder with him home, and is working her in his father’s shop. Could that result in business stars?

Maybe he should have spent more time working the cash register instead. Well, Inger Montell seems to be patient.

In the evening, this little girl is calling Rolf for an outing. She’s apparently a friend of Ingeborg Berg. He says yes, hoping that she’ll bring some decent company, but it’s only them! Creepy, Rolf thinks. The girl is laughing herself silly from everything Rolf says.
The outing ends up being fun anyway, and Rolf goes home and tumbles into bed. He’s leaving for Uni in the morning.

Rolf and his mother Marita are playing darts in the early morning hours. Rolf is constantly babbling, trying to make Marita laugh and get out of balance.

Rolf is leaving for SimLand University, with only one scholarship – for communication. He’ll be fine anyway, since he’ll be inside the Greek house in no time.

The now very small Myhr family is having a nice breakfast of pancakes on Saturday morning. “Let’s take the day off and go to the park!” Marita says.

They go to Södra Simparken, and Agnes ends up playing chess with a guy who looks like a womanizer in his snake skin jacket. The conversation is very innocent, and it better be, Agnes is only 8 years old.

Marita ends the afternoon by nightfall, talking to a random townie with her fabulous mouth! I really hope this mouth is inherited by her children, but I haven’t really noticed so far.

In the middle of making pork chops for Saturday’s dinner, Marita transits to elder. She grows up well. In the background a couple of the easels used to make Evert’s fortune. Or at least, to stock the shop.

The shop, that is now at Level 7, highest rated shop I’ve ever had. Marita is working the register, checking Georg Lind out after closing time.

Myren after round 13:
Evert Myhr
Marita Myhr
Agnes Myhr