October 8th, 2008

Tallåsen year 47-49, Sleeping Beauty

Agnes Ceder took a hard blow when her grandfather Magnus died recently, and ended up in a very red aspiration. Her father Orlando, who is turning grey himself, is making an extra effort to comfort her, and they are bonding very nicely.

Friday afternoon Maria Ceder invites the family of Korskrogen, mostly to let the kids play. When they arrive, Daniel Johansson shows his affection to his blond mistress Maja Benett. His wife Sofie suddenly realizes that her husband is cheating on her. Both women had Daniel’s babies during the same year, in the same house, but apparently he avoided controversy at home. He became careless on a different lot.

Marita Myhr of Myren is watching the events and enjoys the show.

Nothing more exciting happens in the Korskrogen drama, so the common interest is caught by a late night kicky ball game between Sofie Ceder in school uniform, Lotta Hartwig in shorts and Emilia Mattson in rebel outfit.

Lotta’s brother Leif is cheering in his white jacket, and Lena Ceder, also in school uniform, can barely stand the suspense.

And finally, in this update, a picture of Maria Ceder, born Berg, reading to Agnes in the middle of the night.

The kids invited for Saturday’s play date are a wild bunch. Townie kid Carola Thörn is playing with Sofia Mattsson of Norrbo.

It’s Agnes birthday. The last toddler of this house is starting school on Monday. Time surely flies!

Nice hairdo!

It was a tiresome party. In the bed to the left, Daniel Mattsson of Norrbo, to the right, Carola Thörn, townie kid. Maria gets a bit frustrated not to be able to go to bed, and also newly grown up Agnes has to wait to get tucked in.

In the other end of the house, the guests are occupying the beds, too. To the left, Dan Mattsson of Mattsgården, and Alicia Mattsson of Norrbo, his daughter-in-law, to the right.

And I don’t have a hack to cause this, it’s totally in the game. I’ve seen it before, but not to this extent.

It’s Lena’s birthday, but she doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Immediately after blowing out the candles, Lena goes to bed. She rolled Popularity, with blond and black hair as turn-ons, fatness as turn-off.

Tallåsen after round 13:
Orlando Ceder
Maria Ceder
Sofie Ceder
Lena Ceder
Agnes Ceder