November 15th, 2008

My (Montell) Wern

My was born as generation 3, daughter of Carita (Rosén) Montell and Simon Montell. She's got brown hair and dark blue eyes with a  dark skin tone. Her aspiration is Romance/Popularity and her LTW is to become a Rock Godess. - acheived at 48. Now she wants to become a General.  She turns on from brown or custom hair, but turns off from high mechanical skill.

Birthday: June 11th '53
Siblings: Marcus Montell, Sara Montell

Preferred Hobby: Games
College Major: Literature SCL

Spouse: Louise Wern
Children: Eva Wern, generation 4
Bertil Wern, generation 4
Harry Wern, generation 4

Talent points:
Cooking 5
Mechanical 7
Charisma 8
Body 6
Logic 3
Creativity 10
Cleaning 2

Her sign is Taurus and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 7
Outgoing: 7
Active: 9
Playful: 10
Nice: 1

                                                                         My is charismatic                       My is ordinary
My is a combination of her relatives                                                             

My is colourful

Lottefors year 50-53, Groundhog Day

Last time at Lottefors, the kids were struggling with their bad grades. There was also playdating, making the house look like a daycare center. Simon and his wife Carita could hardly wait until one of the kids would leave for University, opening up a slot for a new baby.

“Simon! You really should be old enough to make it to the bathroom in time!” Inger Montell lectures her eldest son.

Well, Inger, it’s not that easy with this crowded house and with a roach flu in the house, is it?

It’s however the twins birthday. No more children in this family anymore! Sebastian goes first. He grows up very well.

He’s eating his birthday cake with a good appetite. He rolls a Pleasure aspiration. His turn-ons are perfume and underwear, turn-off is black hair. Too bad most of the girls in Mattsmyra have black hair then…

Now it’s Malva’s turn. The house is still crowded, the flu will spread! Nevertheless Malva is growing up well.

Malva is looking forward to a life of wealth. She turns on from underwear and red hair, and turns off from special hair.

Carita is apparently pregnant. Lotfullofsims kicked in! ETA June ’53.

Sebastian is trying to start his 50 dream dates with Lena Ceder, but no luck. That LTW, together with woohoo 20 sims, must be the worst of all! I’ve never even been close.

Five minutes later, we’ve got other problems. The pregnant Carita is setting the stove on fire. Luckily the family owns a fire detector.

Carita pops a second time early Wednesday morning

And Anna is leaving for University in her night gown, without any scholarships whatsoever. Her little brother Martin is seeing her off, and her big brother Simon looks generally happy.

Martin is arriving home on Wednesday with an A+ report card, it’s the first time in his life! Congratulations are in order!

Simon gets promoted to resident, but doesn’t seem amused.

Intermission for Groundhog Day
What happened, that didn't happen:

Thursday is Labour Day. Carita is not amused. (Upper left)

It’s a boy! He is not amused. His name is Common no 79 – Oscar. His birthday is the 12th of June ’53 and he was born at 6.42 AM. He inherited his father’s brown skin, his grandfather’s brown eyes and his mother’s brown hair (she’s a fake blond, remember?). Maybe we should have named him Bruno instead. (Upper middle)

Jesper Montell is very happy to become Farfar, and decides to retire, to be able to take care of Oscar as much as possible during the limited time he’s got left. He’s now 63. (Upper right)

Martin is not well-behaved, despite the fact that he’s got the highest possible grades. He’s stomping on dollhouses and flowers, and is throwing tantrums like a two-year-old. He would really need an aspiration boost, like going to private school or earn some money. He’s a very frustrated fortune sim at the moment. (Middle left)

The headmaster is arriving exactly on the decided time at 5 PM. Inger greets him. She never had the chance to go to private school herself, but certainly would have liked to, knowledge sim as she is. (Middle middle)

She’s showing off the newly renovated master bedroom. The headmaster really likes it. (Middle right)

Inger also serves her special salmon, perfectly baked. Carita is keeping everybody company in her night gown. (Lower left)

Another successful headmaster visit. All the kids remaining in the house, Malva, Sebastian and Martin were accepted in the private school. (Lower right)


Quitting without saving – by honest mistake – makes this Groundhog day.

Carita still doesn’t like labour day.

Popular name no 79 - My Montell is born on the 11th of June ’53 at 6.41 AM. She’s got blue eyes like her father Simon, medium dark skin like her grandmother Inger and brown hair like her mother Carita (the fake blond)

Jesper decides to retire to be able to take care of My full time. He rolled the wish to retire the moment she was born, and since his LTW isn’t career related, it fits perfectly.

The headmaster Wille Walter is invited, and gets pork chops for dinner. I wonder how often that happens. Like every day I would believe.

Still a success. Malva has chatted Mr Headmaster up, compensating for the lack of salmon.
Martin, Sebastian and Malva were all admitted to private school.

Lottefors after round 14:
Inger Montell
Jesper Montell
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
Martin Montell
Sebastian Montell
Malva Montell
My Montell


In memoriam:

Oscar Montell, the baby that was never born