November 24th, 2008

Holmsveden year 50-53, Family values

Last time at Holmsveden, wasn't at Holmsveden at all, but at Norrbo. Daniel Mattsson and his wife Alicia and daughter Sofia, have since then moved to a new house.
Last episode was all about family. Alicia came to terms with her Indian heritage, Sofia grew up well to be a child, and the house was full of friends and relatives all week-end.

Daniel Mattson with his beautiful wife Alicia and their adorable daughter Sofia just moved in to their new mansion of Holmsveden (scorched island).

Since Sofia is an only child, she has to play tag with her father. Him being rather playful doesn’t mind at all.

They’re playing tag all the time as a matter of fact.

It’s Daniel’s birthday and he’s waiting for everybody to gather so he can grow up to elder.

Still pretty good-looking as an elder Daniel enjoys his birthday cake on the patio.

Even as an elder, Daniel didn’t lose his romantic touch. His young wife is all in agreement.

This is a very common sight in this house. Little Sofia went to bed, fortunately. Another bed!

Daniel invites headmaster Mr Kostas Jernstedt, to see if Sofia could be admitted to private school.

The headmaster approves of some parts of the house.

“I’m getting really big now” Sofia says
“Oh yes, I can see that you’re growing” the Headmaster answers.

At dinner, that didn’t have the option “Call headmaster to dinner”, Alicia tells everyone about her first ever woohoo with Daniel. I’m not that sure that it is a good topic when having a chat with your daughter and the headmaster of the private school.

And Sofia is catching up on the same subject. Maybe the Social worker would be a more appropriate guest in this house?

No, the headmaster didn’t consider the dinner dinner, since he wasn’t called properly to the table. There was a lack of following the protocol, so there will be no admittance for Sofia. Too bad!

Daniel teaches Sofia how to study right before school. Hopefully her grades will benefit from that.

Alicia comes home early from work. She got demoted to Executive because of a bad chance card. Daniel invited his brother Loke and his family over.

And the round ends with an everyday dinner of spaghetti with the family. Aunt Barbara, uncle Loke’s wife, at the end of the table, looks concerned about aunt Stella falling asleep in her dinner. Sofia is oblivious.

On the other side of the table, Alicia is sitting in between her brother-in-law Loke and her husband Daniel. They just had a dream date, why Daniel didn’t find the time to get dressed before dinner.

Holmsveden after round 14:
Daniel Mattsson
Alicia Mattsson
Sofia Mattsson