February 17th, 2011

Ovanåker year 80-84, Three Babies

Previously at Ovanåker, Olle grew up to toddler and then child, looking like a true Mattsson. Twins Jesper and Natalie were born, looking like Burlins. They grew up to toddlers during the update, but got separated in age. Ludvig grew up to child, showing that he's really a Daddy's boy. He will look exactly like Kevin when he grows up. Chaos was prevailing and Elisabeth had a miscarriage, but Kevin was there to comfort her and to make her pregnant again. Filip nearly flunked out of school, but his brothers helped with his homework and all the sibling were saved from the social worker.

We start where we left off in this house of misery.


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Ovanåker after round 22:
Elisabeth Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Filip Burlin
Ludvig Burlin
Olle Burlin
Jesper Burlin
Natalie Burlin
Charlie Burlin
Jacob Burlin
Linnea Burlin
Sara, the cat