April 8th, 2012

Marie Törnblad

Marie was born as generation 4, daughter of Monica Berg and Wilhelm Törnblad. She's got brown hair and dark blue eyes with a dark skin tone. Her aspiration is Fortune and her LTW is to become Chief of Staff. She turns on from jewellery and special hair, but turns off from stench.

Birthday: March 10th '93
Height: 74 = 192 cm = 1.07
Siblings Niklas Berg Robert Berg

Preferred Hobby: Science
College Major:


Talent points:
Cooking 0
Mechanical 0
Charisma 5
Body 5
Logic 1
Creativity 4
Cleaning 7

Her sign is Virgo and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 10
Outgoing: 2
Active: 9
Playful: 3
Nice: 1


Marie has the traditional Berg look

Roteberg year 88-92 - Secondary Aspiration Spree

Previously at Roteberg, Wilhelm moved in to live with Monica. Susanne released her 5th book about Dr Susanne, which was a bestseller. The sensational boy twins Niklas and Robert were born and later grew up to toddlers. Monica and Wilhelm got married after the birth, why the boys have the last name Berg, which is needed of the heir of Roteberg. 
Patrik became the Mayor of Mattsmyra, Susanne became a Rock God and Wilhwlm a Game Designer.

Roteberg year 88-92, Thursday to Monday

Susanne Mellberg, 71, Popularity/Grilled Cheese
Patrik Mellberg, 61, Popularity
Monica Berg, 28, Family
Wilhelm Törnblad, 26, Pleasure
Niklas Berg, 2
Robert Berg, 2
Kompis, the cat

Collapse )

Roteberg after round 24:
Susanne Mellberg
Patrik Mellberg
Monica Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad
Robert Berg
Niklas Berg
Marie Törnblad
Kompis, the cat