October 13th, 2012

Downtown year 88-92 - Becoming Diva

Previously at Downtown, Anita focused on her career in Show Business. She got her long-term boyfriend Michael to clean for her while she dated other men. Then j68 realized that the Show Business and the Entertainment careers are called the same thing in Swedish - "Underhållning", so Anita was on the wrong track and tried to shift to the Entertainment career instead, but didn't succeed.

6189 Anita year 88

Anita Jernelid year 88-92, Sunday to Thursday

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Downtown after round 24:
Anita Jernelid

Annefors year 88-92 - Intertwined Families

Previously at Annefors, the house got bugged and some time was spent redecorating after the remedial moveout-movein procedure. My got fired from the Music career again and fought with Louise's lover Christa. Louise made a lot of friends and acquired a secondary aspiration of Family.

6209 Annefors year 88

Annefors year 88-92, Thursday to Monday

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Annefors after round 24:
My (Montell) Wern
Louise Wern