January 12th, 2013

Letsbo year 93-96 - Eight Puppies

Previously at Letsbo, we had problems with dogs able to try for puppies but never giving birth. Alf and Ingela grew up to children. Georg got back into the Law enforcement career but his wish to get a Law Enforcement job was not fulfilled, but got a second TOC. Allegra restarted a Science career. Delta the puppy grew up and impregnated but never gave birth. Alf skipped school, Ingela had good grades, and Georg died in platinum at age 78.

6391 Letsbo year 93

Letsbo year 93-96, Saturday to Tuesday

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Letsbo after round 25:
David Lind
Gerd Lind
Alf Lind
Ingela Lind
Puppies Gamma, Hera, Ipsilon, Jippi, Kerma, Lambda