January 19th, 2013

Charlie Montell

Charlie was born as generation 4, son of   Elisabet Hartwig and Marcus Montell. He's got brown hair and darkblue eyes with a  dark skin tone. His aspiration is Popularity and his LTW is to become a Rock God. He turns on from Underwear and Hats but turns off from Logic.

Birthday June 10th '94
Siblings: Axel Montell, Elias Montell
Height: 56=180cm=1,03

Preferred Hobby: Nature
College Major


Talent points:
Cooking 0
Mechanical 0
Charisma 3
Body 0
Logic 1
Creativity 8
Cleaning 0

His sign i Taurus and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 3
Outgoing: 0
Active: 7
Playful: 0
Nice: 5


Lottefors year 93-96 - Another Boy

Previously at Lottefors, Elisabet and Marcus had their first child, a boy they named Axel. Marcus baby sister Sara dated and moved to Uni. Simon earned a plaque in Arts&Crafts. Jiingi decided Elisabet is her new master. Then we had a terrible Family Sunday with a lot of fighting and adultery. Axel grew up to toddler and Carita became a CEO and Elisabet got pregnant again.

6431 Lottefors year 93

Lottefors year 93-96, Tuesday to Friday

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Lottefors after round 25:
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
Marcus Montell
Elisabet Montell
Axel Montell
Charlie Montell
Jiingi, the ancient cross-breed