October 26th, 2013

Myren year 97-100 - Shrinking Family

Previously at Myren, Adam reached the top of the Slacker career, then landed a job in Gaming, only not, since the game crashed. Rolf and Britta were dating and Rolf wished every time to fall in love with Ingeborg Wern, Adam's mother. Rolf chose a secondary aspiration of Family. Lisa had the glitchiest birthday ever, including five cakes, invisibility and game crashes. Alva did teen stuff.

7099 Myren 97

Rolf Myhr, 70, Pleasure/Family, LTW 50 dreamdates
Britta Myhr, 70, Pleasure, LTW 100 first dates (!)
Ulrika Myhr, 32, Knowledge/Popularity, LTW Space Pirate
Alva Myhr, 18, Popularity, LTW Mayor
Lisa Myhr, 4

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Myren after round 26:
Britta Myhr
Ulrika Myhr
Lisa Myhr