December 7th, 2013

Birgitta Burlin

Birgitta was born as generation 4, daughter of Emmy Benett and Olle Burlin. She's got brown hair and dark blue eyes with a light skin tone. Her aspiration is and her LTW is . She turns on from and , but turns off from .

Birthday: September 8th '99
Height: 41= 172 cm = 1.0

Preferred Hobby:
College Major:


Talent points:
Cooking 0
Mechanical 0
Charisma 0
Body 2
Logic 0
Creativity 2
Cleaning 0

Her sign is Pisces and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 8
Outgoing: 1
Active: 10
Playful: 6
Nice: 10


Ovanåker year 97-100 - Mirror Image

Previously at Ovanåker, Kevin got a secondary aspiration of Romance. The headmaster visit glitched out again. Jacob, Charlie and Linnea became teens, claiming aspirations of Popularity, Popularity and Family. Jesper had his first kiss from a townie girl and he and Natalie moved to college. Olle came back from college with his girlfriend Emmy. They are the heirs of this house. Olle and Emmy got married and Olle bought a bookstore which he promptly forgot about.

7480 Ovanåker y97

Ovanåker year 97-100, Saturday to Tuesday
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Ovanåker after round 26:
Elisabeth Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Olle Burlin
Emmy Burlin
Linnea Burlin
Roland Burlin
Theodor Burlin
Birgitta Burlin
Sara, the cat