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Holmsveden year 105-108 - Reconciliation

Previously at Holmsveden, Svea became a Game Designer and quit to pursue knowledge. Bertil started a career in the Military career. Svea became pregnant. Sofia and David played games.

Holmsveden year 105-108, Sunday-Wednesday
Sofia Ottomas, 62, Pleasure/Fortune, 2nd LTW 50 first dates
David Ottomas, 61, Popularity/Family, 2nd LTW 20 Best friends
Bertil Mattsson, 28, Family/Romance, LTW Marry off 6 kids
Svea Mattsson, 28, Knowledge, LTW Max 7 skills

Sofia and David have a terrible relationship score. Obviously he did something bad somewhere, but j68 forgot what happened.

Sofia is the only daughter of Daniel Mattsson who was a child when this Prosperity started many years ago. She has her only son Bertil with David Ottomas, known to all simmers

Bertil’s wife Svea descends from the Myhr family, but she was named Rodiek before she married Bertil. She has five brothers and sisters and two nieces and a nephew.

Family Sunday!

What better way to celebrate family Sunday than adding on to the family even more!

It’s a girl with brown eyes, brown hair and a very light skintone. She is born on January 19th year 105 and she gets Popular name no 98 – Hilma Linn. Since there were two names in place 98 on the list.

The family gathers in the bedroom to congratulate Svea and Bertil to their daughter.

Half the family wishes for a dog too, so Nano, one of Gerd’s many puppies is adopted. He’s a mini pinscher.

Bertil is very pleased when he serves lunch to all the visitors

Nano is quite a bad dog, so I’m sure Bertil will have a lot to do in the future with both a new baby and a bad dog.

Moster Jenny takes care of the stinking baby

And Morbror Oscar, but does a so-so job. And it doesn’t help that Hilma Linn gets to see the ghost of her great-grandmother Alicia.

Bertil gets promoted to Commander

Sofia is still very angry with David, but she hops into the tub with him

Apparently she has decided that reconciliation woohoo is in order

And it certainly helps the relationship

Then it’s time for Hilma Linn’s birthday

The Ottomas genes are strong in this one. We find out that she’s a pretty active and pretty mean Gemini.

Bertil works out to be able to be promoted further

He fills his aspiration panel. 3p !

Sofia spends time with Hilma Linn and teaches her to walk.

She also teaches her to talk and go potty

Sofia also tries to handle the misbehaved Nano

And finally we see that Sofia and David are really back together again. Don’t’ do anything stupid now David!

As an end note we see that Bertil is promoted again, to Astronaut, and there we leave Holmsveden for this round.

Inhabitants at Holmsveden after round 28:
Sofia Ottomas
David Ottomas
Bertil Mattsson
Svea Mattson
Hilma Linn Mattsson
Nano, the mini pincher

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