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Österås year 105-108 - Headmaster Debacle

Previously at Österås, Jörgen tried to attend private school, but the headmaster scenario got borked. Jörgen moved to Uni. Elin and Ralf reached their LTWs. Albin had bad grades. The family had a Saturday in the park.

Österås year 105-108, Sunday - Wednesday
Ralf Lilja, 62, Knowledge, 2nd LTW Max 7 skills
Vera Johansson, 62, Romance/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW 20 simultaneous lovers
Elin Tång, 47, Knowledge/Grilled Cheese, 5th LTW Education Minister
Albin Lilja, 11
Siv Lilja, 11

We start this round with Ralf, who acquires a secondary aspiration of Popularity AND maxes his aspiration panel. 3p!

Ralf comes from a complicated townie family and has a lot of brothers and sisters with different last names. His brother Thomas Cormier is also a playable sim nowadays.

Elin’s tree is also a bit complicated. She is the daughter of Elmer Tång and the alien PT11. Engla is her halfsister through Elmer and Vera is her halfsister through PT11.

Vera descends from the Johansson family. Her father Maximilian was a child at the start of the challenge. She has never been married or lived together with a partner, but Christopher Bardh made her pregnant and she had her son Jörgen as a result.

Family Sunday!

Family Sunday is combined with birthdays. Siv goes first

And then Albin

Siv rolls Romance and Albin Fortune. Siv’s LTW is to become a Hall of Famer and Albin’s to become a Criminal Mastermind.

Romancer Vera couldn’t keep her hands off of Ralf and an awkward situation evolves in the household. Rather unfairly, Elin is more upset with Ralf than with Vera.

The teens are found to need glasses when they grow up (50% die roll, since one of their parents wear glasses) and they also go to the hairdresser.

Albin as the Fortune sim he is wants to attend private school. Siv, who couldn’t care less gets headmaster duty.

Vera cooks lobster for the headmaster, but he sits down with a left-over grilled cheese sandwich.

A sandwich that in addition has gone off.

The kids become best friends

The headmaster scenario is a success, despite the lousy meal

But wait! Only Siv is accepted in private school. Albin’s grades are too poor…

So he has to make an effort and try again.

Also Ralf and Elin tries again.

Elin is still pretty upset, but she accepts affection from Ralf

Ralf has started to pursue his Knowledge IW and maxes his creativity skill

He also wishes to max his nature interest and tries to get to know the Leader of the Pack.

Since he is now 65 it is as good a reason as any to retire, and so he does.

Albin’s grades are getting better, so he decides to try again with the private school.

The tour works fine, but then Mr Headmaster freezes in his tracks when it’s time for dinner.

He just stands there until the time is out and then he has to be deleted. No private school for Albin, sorry! This starts to look like a pattern for this house. Let's see next time...

Inhabitants at Österås after round 28:
Vera Johansson
Elin Lilja
Ralf Lilja
Albin Lilja
Siv Lilja

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