April 18th, 2015

Roteberg year 101-104 - The Book Club

Previously at Roteberg, Niklas and Robert grew up to identical teens, so Robert changed his look. Marie grew up to child and found her true hobby of Science. We had a nice family Sunday and Monica was desperate to have another child, but couldn't get pregnant.

Roteberg year 101-104, Wednesday to Saturday
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Inhabitants at Roteberg after round 27:
Patrik Mellberg
Monica Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad
Marie Törnblad
Kompis, the cat


Letsbo year 101-104 - Empty Nest

Previously at Letsbo, David aqcired a secondary aspiration of Fortune, reached the top of the Military career and filled his aspiration panel. Seven dogs grew up and were put up for adoption and seven new ones were adopted in their stead. Ingela loved all the new puppies. Alf was flirting and got his first kiss. Gerd was promoted to Police Chief and took care of all the dogs. In the end of the round Ingela was abducted by aliens!

Letsbo year 101-104, Sunday to Wednesday
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Inhabitants at Letsbo after round 27:
David Lind
Gerd Lind
Tetra, the kitten
f (Ursus), the puppy