June 21st, 2015

Irene Wern

Irene was born as generation 4, daughter of  Siri Törnblad and Adam Wern. She's got brown hair and gray eyes with a  light skin tone.
Her aspiration is and her LTW is to become . She turns on from , but turns off from .

Birthday November 26th 104
Height: 69 = 188 cm = 1.06
Siblings: Lisa Myhr

Preferred Hobby: Sports
College Major


Talent points:
Cooking 0
Mechanical 0
Charisma 3
Body 0
Logic 0
Creativity 3
Cleaning 0

Her sign is Aries  and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 6
Outgoing: 8
Active: 8
Playful: 4
Nice: 1

Svedja year 101-104 - Full Aspiration

Previously at Svedja, Siri and Adam got married. Love started working in the Business career and wrote anothe novel about PI Joe. Family Sunday was a disaster with torn up nephews and nieces and a lot of fighting.

Svedja year 101-104,Wednesday to Saturday
Collapse )

Inhabitants at Svedja after round 27:
Allan Törnblad
Anna Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Love Carlsson
Adam Wern
Siri Wern
Irene Wern
Epsilon, the dog