March 3rd, 2017

Sörbo year 105-108 - Fire and Ghost

Previously at Sörbo, Aron had an opportunity to start his new career in medicine. Erik and Nathalie grew up to Romance and Family teens. Nils was born and we were surpised it wasn't twins. Feline grew up to an adult cat. Family Sunday was nice and calm with Hanna growing up to child and Nils growing up to toddler. Farmor Ingeborg was haunting the house, when she didn't clean it.

Sörbo year 105-108, Tuesday to Friday
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Inhabitants at Sörbo after round 28:
Aron Wern
Annika Wern
Kent Wern
Hanna Wern
Nils Wern
Melissa Wern
Feline, the cat