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Tallåsen year 105-108 - New Business

Previously at Tallåsen, Jack grew up to child and started playing the piano. Pernilla was born and grew up to toddler. Martin worked his micro-mall. The shy Måns tried to make friends. And that was it.

Tallåsen year 105-108 – Sunday to Wednesday
Sofie Montell, 72, Fortune/Family, 4th LTW Marry off 6 kids
Martin Montell, 70, Fortune/Grilled Cheese, LTW 5 Top-level businesses
Melissa Ljunggren, 39, Popularity/Fortune, 3rd LTW 20 best friends
Måns Ljunggren, 41, Popularity, LTW Hall of Famer
Jack Ljunggren, 8
Pernilla Ljunggren, 3
Random and Irratic, cats

We start with Martin who fills his aspiration panel. 3p!

Sofie is generation 2. Her mother Maria was a child when the challenge started. Sofie has two sisters and three nieces. Her daughter Melissa has one son (!) and one daughter. They all live here.

Martin is generation 2, too. His mother was an orphan teen with responsibility for three younger siblings. Martin has one brother and two sisters alive and 13 nieces and nephews!

Måns is a custom townie and his family consists of his mother Birgitta and brother Pontus, his wife Melissa and their two children Jack and Pernilla

Family Sunday!

Melissa teaches Pernilla to walk

Martin skips family Sunday and goes to his micro-mall to work.

And it pays off when the business reaches level 9

Back home he becomes best friends with Jack

Måns gets promoted to Assistant coach

Melissa and Pernilla are best friends

Jack is quite the musician and maxes his Creativity skill with the help of the piano

Melissa finds a tight spot to teach Pernilla to talk

Then it’s time for a birthday party. J68 is very pleased with the amount of decorations we have achieved here. :)

Pernilla grows up very well

She immediately changes her looks and we find with a roll of the dice that she needs glasses

Pernilla and Morfar Martin become best friends

In the morning, Martin goes back to the micro-mall and it reaches level 10! That’s three down, two to go

Martin heads off to the real estate broker Leif Hartwig to sell the micromall

He gets a pretty good price for it

Then he decides to try a new business and buys Le Magnifique! Restaurant

He heads off to the restaurant and employs three sims as staff

Linn is assigned to be the chef since she has three cooking points. Three more than the other two employees… The menu is adapted accordingly. Gustaf Persson buys the first meal from the establishment

And we have level 1!

Jack has terrific grades. And look – a Random cat!

Inhabitants at Tallåsen after round 28:
Martin Montell
Sofie Montell
Melissa Ljunggren
Måns Ljunggren
Jack Ljunggren
Pernilla Ljunggren
Random and Irratic, cats

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