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Ovanåker year 105-108 - Goodbyes

Previously at Ovanåker, we had a real scare that we would lose the lot and especially baby Birgitta who didn't grow up to toddler but instead faded to black. Kevin filled his aspiration panel. Emmy aqcuired a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese and got a job in Crime. Linnea left for Uni. The cat Sara died. We had promotions and as a last event Birgitta grew up to look as a completely normal child.

Ovanåker year 105-108, Sunday- Wednesday
Elisabeth Burlin, 66, Family, LTW Education Minister
Kevin Burlin, 66, Popularity/Romance, LTW Mayor
Olle Burlin, 32, Fortune, LTW Worldclass Ballet Dancer
Emmy Burlin, 32, Pleasure/Grilled Cheese, LTW 50 first dates
Theodor Burlin, 18, Romance, LTW Hall of Famer
Roland Burlin, 18, Romance, LTW Woohoo 20 sims
Birgitta Burlin, 6

We start off with Elisabeth who acquires a secondary aspiration of Fortune

Elisabeth originates from the Mattsson clan and even though she’s now named Burlin, she has done what she can to spread the clan even further. She’s got 11 children with her husband Kevin.

Their son Olle lives in this house with his wife Emmy, who originates from the less vastly spread Berg family. Emmy has one sister and one daughter.

Family Sunday!

Theodor bonds with his brother Jesper over a game of chess

His other brother Jacob gets into a fight with Alva Myhr, who is since she lives together with another Burlin brother, Charlie.

Alva wins the fight.

Elisabeth reaches her LTW of becoming Education Minister, but doesn’t seem overly happy. Regardless she gets 2 p for LTW+TOC.

Then there’s a fire and everybody freaks out.

Finally someone can keep themselves together long enough to call the fire brigade and they put the fire out quickly.

Jesper jumps into the hot tub with Frida Benett, who’s here with her boyfriend Jacob, Jesper’s brother.

Jesper’s wife Helena is here too, but misses the whole thing. Or she’ s a very unjealous sim.

Kevin doesn’t see eye to eye with Sebastian Montell, his daughter’s boyfriend. Theodor is devastated to witness the scene.

Elisabeth doesn’t particularly like Agnes, her sister-in-law, married to Elisabeth’s brother Georg.

By the end of the day, it’s time for Theodor and Roland, the last babies, to move out to Uni. See you there!

Year 106-108, Monday to Wednesday

After the boys left, the lot consists of five sims only

Elisabeth feels fulfilled in her life and fills her aspiration panel. 3p!

Kevin works on his wish to have 30 best friends simultaneously. He must be close by now!

Emmy gets promoted to Cat Burglar.

Olle and Kevin have some fun together.

Elisabeth decides to retire. She has reached the top of the education career and has raised 11 children, so she’s entitled to some rest.

Birgitta hates school and is always in full red when she comes home. She’s a very active little girl, so she wants to climb in the jungle gym and play outside with her friends instead of sitting still in a school chair.

Kevin reaches the top of the political career when he is elected Mayor. That was also his LTW, so 2p!

That night, the time has come for Elisabeth to pack her bags for the great beyond. She has had a great life and leaves in platinum, 69 years old, the 12th of February 107. 1p.

Kevin and Birgitta comfort each other in their grief.

The whole extended family is invited to the funeral, but it was impossible to get them in the same picture. Even Kevin managed to escape the camera.

After the services a buffet is served, and as usual at funeral receptions, the mood is rising a bit for the living and the family spends time together.

And then, not at all common, the new widower lets himself get comforted by his late wife’s sister-in-law Engla Mattsson, who is married to Hugo Mattsson. Hugo is downstairs mourning his sister. This is a real scandal, and we didn’t expect it from our perfect Kevin, but I guess that even the sun has spots…

Inhabitants at Ovanåker after round 28:
Kevin Burlin
Olle Burlin
Emmy Burlin
Birgitta Burlin

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