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University - Year 107-108

Year 105-106

Helsinge nation year 107-108

Maja Johansson, Family, Biology Junior SCL
Niklas Berg, Popularity, Economics Junior SCL
Robert Berg, Romance, Biology Junior SCL
Roland Burlin, Romance, Undecided Sophomore SCL
Theodor Burlin, Romance, Undecided Sophomore SCL

J68 is determined to get Robert and Maja to marry. Therefor they are adapted to each other’s turn-ons, and the result is two bolts. Terrific!

It’s autumn and all the students take the opportunity to write their term papers.

Niklas works on his friend list.

Roland invites one of his three-bolters over

Robert and Maja continue their romance

Maja wishes for a bird

Then  she falls in love with Robert, and him with her.

These years in Uni are very, very eventless, but once in a while there’s a party and a fight. Hedvig here is the cow mascot undisguised.

After their sophomore year, Theodor and Roland change their aspirations. And as thay have done all their lives, they choose the same thig. Now they are both Popularity. They are also automatically assigned to the Philosophy major, since they never chose anything else.

Theodor starts his new Popularity life with becoming BFs with Maja.

The lot that’s here now are quite studious, so as soon as they have all the skills in place they are writing their term papers.

Maja, the family sim succeeds in becoming Big Sim on Campus. 1p!

Graduation! First out is Niklas Berg, graduating SCL in Economy. 1p!

During the party a fight breaks out between Niklas’ worst enemy Hedvig, the cow mascot and his best friend Linn, the cheerleader.

Regardless, it’s a good party and Niklas takes his graduation photo with his brother Robert. He doesn’t have a significant other and will move back to his parents’ house Roteberg.

Next in line is Robert Berg, graduating SCL in Biology. 1p!

He uses the party to ask his girlfriend Maja Johansson to marry him. She obviously says yes!

Robert takes his graduation photo with his now fiancée Maja and their friend Ingela, who’s photo bombing them. Robert will move back to his parents’ house Roteberg as heir.

Maja is the last one out. She graduates SCL in Biology. 1p!

Her party is eventless and she takes her graduation photo with her newest friend Theodor. She will now move back to Mattsmyra and move in with Robert at Roteberg, where they will be married.

That means that at the beginning of year 109 we will have only two sims in the Greek house –
Roland Burlin, Popularity, Philosophy Senior, SCL
Theodor Burlin, Popularity, Philosophy Senior, SCL

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