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Öljung year 105-108 - Unexpected Wedding

Previously at Öljung, Cecilia painted master pieces and maxed her Arts&Crafts enthusiasm. Maud wished for a baby and Simon got reunited with his brother Noel who he had fallen out with earlier in his life.

Öljung year 105-108, Sunday to Wednesday
Simon Bardh, 62, Knowledge/Popularity, 3rd LTW Prestidigitator
Maud Bardh, 45, Family, LTW Golden Anniversary
Cecilia Lind, 32, Fortune/Family, LTW Hall of Famer

Simon is a Mattsson decendant, but here we show the father line, since his brother Jörgen has another mother (Vera Johansson). Brother Noel has two children, Alexander and Maja with Caroline Johansson. The mothers are cousins, so Jörgen and Noel’s children are double related.

Cecilia is an only child, descendant from both the Lind family and the Mattsson clan. Her last name is Lind since Simon and Annika were never married.

Smallest Family Sunday in a long time! And a very snowless winter.

Half of the guests are playing a game

While the other half are fighting.

Caroline apparently hates Maud, Simon’s wife. Probably Noel flirted with her at some point

Then it’s 9 am and Family Sunday is over, because every resident in this house apparently work Sundays.

In the afternoon Cecilia comes back from work, and with today’s paycheck she passed the limit of earning 100.000§, the Fortune IW (which is not impossible at all). 3p!

We have a strange glitch in this house. There is no option for “Try for baby” in the woohoo options, but instead “safe woohoo”. Even though I have checked that neither Simon nor Maud are using contraceptives. Just as well to unlock Maud’s baby wish. It would be awkward anyway if Cecilia had a sister or brother now when she’s over 30.

Cecilia is promoted to coach and have no wishes for a relationship

Maud longs for spring and has started her gardening already in the ankle deep snow that fell at last. She has started to wish for a kitten instead of a baby. Just as well.

Spring cannot be far off, because the tomatoes are actually growing in the snow. And Maud gets a silver badge in gardening

And look, the snow starts to melt already, and the kitty Kitty moves in. Maud is happy.

Looking at Cecilia’s relationships, we find that she’s in love with Oliver Sandvall even though they have no bolts. The simGodess cannot remember that they ever had a relationship, but maybe in Uni. Regardless, Oliver is invited for a date, and Cecilia autonomously starts to rub his back.

The date continues with dancing

Then, out of the blue, Cecilia starts to wish to get married to Oliver

He wishes to get married to Jenny, but can see himself being engaged to Cecilia. Jenny is a dormie, so this match is much better from population point of view.

So, it’s settled then

And when the engagement is a fact, Oliver wants to get married to Cecilia (and Jenny) and he moves in.
Oliver Sandvall, 34, Knowledge, 2nd LTW Media Magnate
Both their turn-ons and turnoffs are changed so that they will match each other better.

Whatever relationship they had before, it was not physical. Aaaww


Oliver and Cecilia become Mr and Mrs Sandvall on February 26 107. And we see that we have gotten them up to two bolts.


Cecilia is very happy to suddenly be married, and fills her aspiration panel. 3p!
And Oliver gets a secondary aspiration of Pleasure

Unfortunately, the newlywed Oliver gets demoted to Sports Reporter due to a bad chance card.

Maud gets promoted to Sous Chef.

Look! Simon is still here! He cooked dinner for the family and they all sit down together for once.

Thea decides to pay the family a visit. Maud gets so scared that she wets herself. Luckily she's not pregnant

Simon becomes best friends with his cousin Emilia

And when Simon goes to bed that night we find that he’s furious with Maud, and cannot understand why. She didn’t do anything, except peeing on the floor when she got scared. Simon cleaned that up autonomously. Can that be the reason? Or could Maud have done something anyway, something that we missed? We will probably never know, no sim memories give any clues.

Inhabitants at Öljung after round 28:
Simon Bardh
Maud Bardh
Cecilia (Lind) Sandvall
Oliver Sandvall
Kitty, the kitten

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